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Interview | Questions & Answers With Alex Mattson



Interview | Questions & Answers With Alex Mattson
On his debut 4-track EP, Alex Mattson features “Discovery”, which is in my opinion, the best of all. During this interview, we talked about this excellent composition designed to dazzle crowds of thousands. In addition, he reveals his big love for festivals, his past as a drummer, etc. Happy reading!

1 – How do you come up with the name of your new club track “Discovery”?

To be honest, with this song I didn’t have any cool story behind the name. I finished the track and, of course, had to name it, so I just opened my browser and searched for an English word that kinda matches the feeling of the song. That’s how I ended up with ”Discovery”, hahaha!

2 – Did you try to incorporate a different style of dance music in comparison to your previous single “Complicated Love”?

Yeah totally! I always want to create something different and be diverse as a producer so that’s why “Discovery” is a different style of dance music in comparison to “Complicated Love”.

3 – Was “Discovery” exclusively designed for the upcoming festival season?

Yeah, that’s one of the main things I kept in my mind while producing the song. I wanted to have some melodic House track for my sets and I think this one turned out to be perfect for that.alex mattson eleven ep4 – In your opinion, what is the best discovery made to date?

Hahaha, I think there is so many! But for myself I think the best discovery I made is that I discovered at a very young age that music is what I want to do, producing it being number one!

5 – So far, what event in your music career do you think impacted you the most?

There is many in this one as well. But I think one of the coolest ones was last summer when I played this festival in my home country. There were thousands of people watching even though I played an early slot. That inspired me so much to keep going!

6 – Where is your absolute favorite place to perform your music live? Why?

For me, there actually isn’t just one place which I love to perform at. But I love playing festivals! The atmosphere is something so cool so I’m always happy to perform my music at festivals.

7 – Could you describe your studio setup? What’s your favorite tool?

I have kinda a simple studio setup. Just my speakers (and a sub), midi keyboard, a couple of analog synths and few guitars. My favourite tool at the moment is my new electric guitar, using it for every song at the moment, hahaha!

alex mattson interview
8 – Are you keen on collaborations with other artists?

Yes totally! I was so honored to work with so many talented artists and writers for my ”Eleven EP” so that’s what I really want to keep on doing!

9 – Is it true that you started your music venture as a drummer? How did you evolve into a producer?

Yea it’s true! I used to play in bands but I also wanted to just create something by myself. I found a software called Garageband in my MacBook, so I just started to play around with it at that time. Not using that software anymore but it was a great software to start with! After a couple years of practicing, I went to school for producers called SAE Institute and kept on learning there.

10 – Finally, do you think your musical taste will change over time?

Yes, of course, but in a good way. I already like all kinds of music so I’m sure there will be many other genres I will like later on as well. All those will influence my productions as well, like they already do 🙂



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