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Interview | Questions & Answers With Altered Terrane



Altered Terrane
Altered Terrane 
is shaking up the Drum & Bass scene with their debut EP ‘Far Corners’. Trust me, this material will captivate listeners within seconds. In the following interview, the duo share all the details about this release and + more crucial topics.

1 – What made you want to start producing electronic music?

We both played instruments and enjoyed messing around with music production software since a young age. Making music was always a big hobby of ours. However, we only started to make Drum & Bass when we both moved to Berlin in 2017. Laurens comes from a techno/electro background, while Ben gravitated more towards Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop. We were having so much fun jamming and making beats together, that we just continued to do so until we decided to take it more seriously. The next steps seemed to come really fast: we posted a few tracks on our SoundCloud page, [ESTÉTICA CIBERNÉTICA] approached us and suddenly we were in the talks to get our first EP released.

2 – What is something that you really miss about your cover band?

We miss the unity that we experienced while playing live, being all in sync with each other, creating a live performance as a group. We miss experiencing this sort of intimate cohesion when playing live instruments together. However, we are hopeful that we can reunite with some of our old band members and get back into it in the near future.

3 – There’s an interesting dark Drum and Bass vibe you wanted to experiment on your new project ‘Far Corners’. Talk to us a bit about how the EP came to be.

In both our musical backgrounds, we have a preference towards dark, gritty sounds. While working on the tracks we figured out that all of them shared a sort of horror/alien/space theme. We wanted to take the listener through a frightening space trip, and our EP is an attempt at that. When we also received the amazing EP cover design by the talented Shaundi DNB Frequencies, it all seemed to fit together perfectly.

4 — What producers inspired you to release this material?

Ben grew up listening to a lot of Drum & Bass, while Laurens grew up listening to House/Techno. As would be expected, Ben brings the main Drum & Bass ideas to the table, while Laurens adds to this by approaching the music from a different perspective. This makes answering the question somewhat difficult since only one of us has been exposed to a lot of Drum & Bass artists. However, Drum & Bass artists that we have both always appreciated are Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Dieselboy, Sub Focus and many more. These artists are hugely inspirational and have surely impacted our sound to a certain extent.

5 — What is your favorite track from this EP? Why?

Sarāb. It was one of these projects where every element seemed to fit well with each other from the get-go. Besides enjoying making the track, we also feel that it encapsulate the vibe we want to express with this EP the most.

altered terrane interview
6 — Have you ever considered collaborating with vocalists or you just prefer to produce instrumentals?

We definitely have considered working with vocals. We like to use a lot of vocal samples from various sources in different tracks, even altering them into synth or bass elements. In fact, we are currently planning to record live vocals with some vocal artists that we are lucky enough to have as friends.

7 — Do you think music videos are obsolete now?

Not really. We think that visual content can definitely add to the listening experience. For us it is all about the way it is done, if there is some kind of idea, feeling or emotion involved. Creative music videos are always a joy to watch.

8 — How do you promote your music online?

We use SoundCloud as our main platform to host our tracks and we also have a Facebook page on which we post updates. Our tracks are also available on most major streaming platforms! [ESTÉTICA CIBERNÉTICA] is doing some great additional online promotion.

9 — Is there any festival/club you would love to play this year?

Definitely Dimensions/Outlook Festival. The line-ups are always insane and the location, set in the ruins of an old Fort in Croatia, couldn’t be more perfect. Playing there would be a dream come true!

10 — How does the future look like for Altered Terrane?

We are currently working on new music for a second release. We hope to finish it by the end of the year, so keep an eye out for it! We are also currently collaborating with a fellow artist on a track that we are very excited to share with people.



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