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Interview | Questions & Answers With Azmeryth




We got a chance to catch up with Azmeryth, an Indie Pop artist from Texas who is currently promoting the video of her latest single, “Feel You”. In this exclusive interview, she reveals details about this release and many more interesting things…

1 — What’s the story behind your artistic name?

So, little-known fact: I am somewhat of a video game enthusiast. I came up with the name Azmeryth for one of my characters in either Diablo II or World of Warcraft (both kickass Blizzard PC games). I decided to use the name for my music years later because I wanted to go by something different with no existing associations. I want people to create their own new associations when they hear my music.

2 — How do you want your music to make people feel?

Depends on the song, really. I think the whole point of music and art is to make you feel something, regardless of what that something is. And from my perspective, creating art is a healthy way to express yourself without ending up in jail or losing your job.

3 — Are you still planning to release Classic Rock covers as in the past?

As much as I love classic rock, I don’t plan on it. I sang a lot of classic rock for two years straight, and it really took a toll on my voice. Although it helped me learn to project and become more comfortable onstage, my voice seems to do better with a softer dynamic range of music. (Think Allison Krauss, not Axl Rose.)

azmeryth interview
4 — Your fantastic new single was co-produced with NTRE. How did this collaboration come about?

Oh, thank you! It’s actually an interesting story. I met Kurt Lavacque (NTRE) a few years ago and knew he was a musician, but I had no idea he produced electronic music. Anyway, I wrote the vocal part in 2016, the last time I visited my family in Brazil, and planned on calling the song “The Ocean.” Fast forward to a year or so later when Kurt and I decided to collaborate for the first time. I sent him a few different songs I had come up with, and he responded that he had an electronic song that fit perfectly with that part. He added my vocals to his instrumentation, came up with the “Feel You” chorus, and it somehow all fit perfectly. I guess you could say it was fate.

5 — Do you plan on releasing remixes?

Sure! If other people decide to make remixes, I’m all for it. Kurt has also mentioned wanting to do remixes before, so we’ll see.

6 — Do you think the music video for “Feel You” carries a message?

Do you think it carries a message? Haha, just kidding. Absolutely. So, I was going through an awful breakup at the time and initially wrote the song for the person I was dating. After shit hit the fan, I wanted to send a message loud and clear to them, to myself, and to the world: I am a strong independent beige woman who doesn’t need any man! 💃🏻 There’s a lot more to it than that, but it’s no fun if I give it all away… Just know that everything I do has hidden messages.

7 — Did you enjoy the whole filming experience? Where was it shot?

Oh, it was so much fun. I’ve known the director, Jessie Garcia since I was 14. We’re both from Del Rio. His assistant/producer Rebecca Mendoza is amazing as well. I couldn’t imagine having a better time creating my first music video. We shot at a few different locations in Austin and San Antonio: my backyard, a friend’s pool, the studio (Onion Creek Productions), and even a frat house.

8 — Do you consider yourself an experimental artist? If so, why?

Absolutely. If you aren’t experimenting, then you aren’t an artist. I like to think of artists as pioneers of the creative unknown. And I like to think of myself as a shaman of sorts, channeling energy into my music and inviting others to participate if they want to.

9 — Any artists that you would say it’s your dream to work with?

Hands down, my #1 dream artist to work with would be Beyoncé. I’ve been her biggest fan since I was 8. She is my greatest musical inspiration as she is technically one of the best singers of all time, she can dance, she can act, she’s an activist, she’s a humanitarian… Is there anything she can’t do?

10 — Finally, is there something we don’t know yet about Azmeryth?

I’m half Brazilian and half German. My mom grew up in Brazil, and my dad grew up in Spain. Out of curiosity, I took one of those Ancestry DNA tests and apparently I’m 27% Spanish or Portuguese, 18% Jewish, 15% Irish, 8% African, and 2% Native American, among other things. I was born in California, grew up in a small town on the border of Texas and Mexico, and now I’m based in Austin. It’s confusing. Sometimes I hesitate when people ask me where I’m from. But I think the right answer is Texas.



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