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Interview | Questions & Answers With Cam Colston



Interview | Questions & Answers With Cam Colston
Cam Colston
’s history of remixes shows exactly how good he is at putting his own spin on some of Dance music’s biggest tunes. His remix of Zack Knight and Jasmin Walia’s “Bom Diggy” is the latest example of what makes his work so special. We caught up with Cam to learn more about how the remix came into existence!

1 – So Cam – can you sum up the inspiration behind the remix and what made you choose it?

I got the opportunity to remix this awesome track from a contest on Splice. When I heard the tune, I immediately knew the direction I wanted to take with it. It already had such a great vibe, and I just wanted to spice it up to help it fit a little better into my sets!

2 – Can we expect more tracks in this style from you in the future?

This specific style might be a bit of a one-off, but seeing how I like to keep things fluid, you can expect me to use some elements from this remix in future material.

3 – Obviously many different artists influence people, but do you have any specific influences you think are noticeable in this track?

I definitely pulled some inspiration and influence from the EDM dancehall scene. It’s a really infectious style of music that has been popular for quite a while now. I believe the staying power of the genre reflects the quality of the scene in general.

cam colston interview
4 – How long did it take to complete the track from start to finish?

In between working on some other projects, it took me about two weeks to finish up the remix.

5 – Do you have anything else in the pipeline for us at the moment?

Absolutely! I actually just finished up quite a bit of material that I am currently trying to find a home (label) for. Once all that gets squared away, the releases will be scheduled and pushed out. The second half of 2018 should be full of original releases from me. I’m really excited to share the new music with everyone!

6 – Was there a specific moment you knew the track was finished or was it one that took a lot of time to perfect?

I had a pretty good idea of when the track was completed, but nothing lets you know quite like a live test. I played the track at a few venues out here in Las Vegas and was thrilled to see all the positive reactions to it.

dj cam colston
7 – What would you say to the original artists if you could meet them, and what do you think they would say about your track?

Well, first of all, I’d have to congratulate them on making such a great collaboration, and then I’d thank them for allowing myself (and a bunch of other producers!) to remix the track. Remixing is such a fun creative outlet for me, so I’m always grateful to those who allow their music to be played with like this.

As far as what they’d say about the track, I would certainly like to hear their input! I hope that they would feel that I did the original justice and that they enjoyed it.

8 – Finally, where can we find the track?

The track is currently available to stream and download on SoundCloud!



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