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Interview | Questions & Answers With Carolyn Marie



carolyn marie
Multi-faceted artist Carolyn Marie kindly took the time to talk to us about her latest single “Man Eater”. This interview will also give you a better understanding of her music and career path. Happy reading!

1 – Can you define your musical style in three words?

Modern 80s Rock.

2 – How would you complete the sentence starting with the phrase “When I’m not making music I like to…”?


3 – In the past, you have worked with prestigious personalities of the music industry. What is that one advice you will never forget in your life?

When I was working with multi-platinum and Grammy award winning, Earl Cohen who produced most of the songs on my EP – Backstage Pass he told me that “Singing is one thing, but emoting is a whole other level. I need to feel your happiness, sadness, and pain through that microphone on every single vocal you cut.” When you do this, it takes incredible amounts of energy. I left each session completely exhausted, but the outcome was incredible. It was the first time I really heard a vocal performance of myself that I was proud of.

carolyn marie interview
4 – With regard to your new single “Man Eater”, did the lyrics come first, followed by the music, or is it the other way around?

The other way around, the music first then the lyrics and melody.

5 – Initially, I thought this was a cover of Nelly Furtado’s worldwide hit “Maneater”. Did you get inspired by her when writing this track?

Yes, I was inspired by Nelly Furatdo’s song “Man Eater”! I love that song so much! The funny thing is, I was told it sounds more like Hall & Oates version of “Man Eater”. I decided to do some searching on both songs and actually read a few interviews where Nelly said she was inspired by the Hall & Oates song. Full circle!

6 – The music video has an interesting plot as well as a nice choreography. Did you prepare it? Was it easy to memorize all the dance steps?

Thank you so much! Yes, I did with some assistance from my directer, Daniel L. Maldonado who helps me bring my crazy ideas to life. As soon as the my songs are done, I visualized the music video almost immediately. I am a dancer and choreographer as well as a singer and songwriter. All the dancers in the video are my students! I had about four rehearsal to set the choreography so it was very fast moving and a little stressful, but it all came together perfectly.

7 – Besides being a singer, do you also have experience in acting?

Yes, I do! I’ve been in a few musicals, and was one of 32 students worldwide selected for the New York University Tisch School of the Arts Summer Musical Theater Program at CAP 21 when I was just 16. It was pretty awesome! I got to live in New York City for a summer and eat, sleep, and breathe music, dance, and acting.

carolyn marie singer
8 – How different is this song from your previous releases?

This song, “Man Eater” as well as “Wanna Be Cool” have a completely different vibe from my older music that is more Top 40 pop dance. Both of these songs are off a soon to be released album that will be self-titled! I describe it as 80’s rock reminiscent of Joan Jett and Pat Benatar with a modern and moody twist. My personal influences are Taylor Swift, Joan Jett, and Michael Jackson so musically I feel this falls right in the middle of all them.

9 – Who was responsible for playing those amazing guitar riffs on “Man Eater”?

That would be my co-producer and co-writer, Zach Loss! He is also the guitarist in my band, and is an absolutely incredible musician with great tone. He went to the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. We wrote the entire album together from start to finish.

10 – What are your goals for 2018?

Release my album, Billboard chart, and play as many shows as humanly possible!



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