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Interview | Questions & Answers With Ezra James



Interview | Questions & Answers With Ezra James

Ezra James gets straight to the point with his answers in this exclusive interview. The rising star from Australia recently dropped a catchy single called “Round”. Now, he gives us the lowdown on this release + a few other things you might want to know about him and his fresh music.

1 – When did you learn to sing and produce music?

I started seriously singing and producing when I was about 18.

2 – If you could give your music style a name, what would it be?

Electro Soul is what I like to call it haha.

3 – Why do you think people consider yourself the “Frank Ocean of electronic music”?

I think it’s because of my lyrics, Frank always writes from a deep part of him and so do I. Every word comes from a place we have experienced.

4 – What inspired you to release your new single “Round”?

“Round”… came from a breakup, but I didn’t want to make it your classic sad song, I wanted people to dance to it and get emotional at the same time haha.

5 – Where did you film its lyric video?

I filmed this music video at a beach called “Fingal Heads” a place where my Ex went to a lot. It’s actually so beautiful and one of my favorite beaches.

6 – Are you going you keep a tropical sound on your upcoming single?

Yes, I’ve to go being of Polynesian descent tropical only seems right haha.

7 – Which is the favorite song from Ezra James’ fans? Why?

“Runaway” is probably my biggest single to date… I’m not sure why, but it’s when I came out with it, it was something fresh and a style my fans haven’t heard me so before but it stuck and now we go with it.

8 – How many awards have you received so far? What are you most proud of?

No awards yet, only nominees, but I’m sure in the further I can be broader with this question.

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9 – Do you do a lot of live shows? Where is your next performance taking place?

Yes, I love performing live it’s what I love to do full time soon, atm no locked in shows more just focusing on the new music and releases first.

10 – What’s an interesting fact about you that your fans might not know?

I love donuts they’re my weakness any fan who brings some to my shows I’ll love u forever haha.



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