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Interview | Questions And Answers With J&V



Interview | Questions And Answers With J&V

J&V stands for brother and sister Jair & Vanise first names. They are from Brazil and had a lot of experience in Eurodance music since the 90s. Today with the advancement of technology their productions are now mixed with modern sounds and rhythms of Electro music. Their newest #1 hit “I Just Wanna Dance” was released via the German dance label DMN Records. Wanna know more? Then read everything below!

1 – How did you get the idea to work as a duo? What are the pros and cons of being brother and sister?

The idea of working as a duo happened naturally through the years because we’ve sung together since we were kids. In fact, the first time we sang together was in the church, I was five and my sister was eight years old. The people enjoyed a lot, so we started to rehearse new songs and perform them every Sunday in the church. Our dad used to sing with us and teach us how to behave in front of the public. In the 90’s we started our Eurodance project under the name FOREVER FRIENDS*. It was a group formed by teens, but it didn’t last so long. Then, we changed the name to J&V which are our initials. We plan to sing together as much as we can… Being brother and sister is good because you are not afraid to speak your mind, you can be very frank and say when you like something or not, you can say: Oh, you did well in that song or you could do better! Because we are like very close friends. On the other hand, you can get used to working only with your brother or sister because you are close and have similar opinions and then you may have difficulties of working with others.

2 – What made you love Eurodance music?

Listen to some singers like the Diva Jenny Bersolla perform “The Rhythm Of The Night”, listen to the sisters Malin and Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base and many other cool bands from the 90’s…

3 – So, we know that you sing, write lyrics and compose music, what other secret talents do you have that people may not be aware of?

Our secret talents… well, I am a great Italian chef in my free time, I love to cook, especially Italian food because we are Italian descendants. My sister loves to customize clothes and sew her own clothes.

4 – Is your family very supportive with your music careers? Do you have any other professions?

Only our parents have been supportive of our music careers since we started it. Our father died in 1999, so now only our mother supports us… Yes, I am an English teacher and my sister is an accountant.

5 – Do you remember how you were discovered by DMN Records? How do you feel now with the label?

We sent them a demo of our 90’s singles and then we got signed one day after. It was awesome! We feel very happy and honored to be part of the label.

6 – When you’re writing new lyrics, Is there one who writes more than the other?

Jair writes most of the lyrics.

7 – What’s the name of your latest single and where can we listen to it?

The name of our latest single is “I Just Wanna Dance” and you can find it in all digital stores like Amazon, Beatport, and Traxsource.

8 – What can people expect from your new album ‘Tell Me Why’? What style of music is it? Any strong track you love?

We hope that people enjoy the album a lot. It mixes old and new styles of Eurodance. We love all the tracks on the record, especially the flagship song “Tell Me Why” which talks about experiences of love.

9 – If you were to do solo albums would they be similar or really different from each others?

We’re planning to record solo tracks but in different styles of music like Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop.

10 – Is it important for you guys to stay connected with the fans? Are you active on social media?

Yes, it’s very important to stay connected with fans, we love our fans and supporters, and we call them “friends” to get closer and stay in touch in social networks. We have fans and supporters all over the world, this year we got new fans in countries like Egypt, Singapore, India, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, that’s good news, so it means our music is being listened to not only in Europe.

By Erick Ycaza

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