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Interview | Questions & Answers With J Swink



Interview | Questions & Answers With J Swink
J Swink
is the US-based producer who has made his name in DJing all over his native country. Enthusing audiences with his incredible sounds and mixing ability, he has traveled into the realm of production more recently. ‘Autonomic’ was released on Fierce Animal Recordings, and showed why there is so much hype around this music maestro. With darkness layered up and incredible sound design throughout, he delivered a stunning release to appeal to all different audiences. We wanted to learn a bit more about the release, so we chatted to J Swink about how it came about!

1 — So – can you sum up the inspiration behind the name and what made you choose it?

The inspiration of the name comes from what I do for a living, which is Anesthesia. Specifically, I specialize in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia and a lot of the medications that I give work on the “Autonomic” nervous system.

2 — Can we expect more tracks in this style from you in the future?

Definitely and I actually have another EP coming out on July 23rd under Fierce Animals and that EP is called “Resuscitation.” Obviously many different artists influence people, but do you have any specific influences you think are noticeable in this release?
The influence of these tracks came from all of the years of listening to this music. No single artist influenced me. It was more of a culmination of the years of DJing and being out in clubs seeing what works and hearing what works!

j swink
3 – How long did it take to complete the tracks from start to finish?

“Autonomic” took about a month but “Malfunction” took a little longer. “Malfunction” has 84 channels so that one was a monster of a job and at times very frustrating to deal with, but I’m happy that I kept at it.

4 – Do you have anything else in the pipeline for us at the moment?

I have tons of tracks in the pipeline that range from Melodic Techno, Acid House, Tech House and of course, Techno!

5 – Was there a specific moment you knew the tracks were finished or was it one that took a lot of time to perfect?

I never feel that a track is finished, so I ask my producer friends to put ears on it. They let me know if anything needs work and I’m very fortunate to have a strong inner circle of talented and respected producers around me.

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6 – Do you have a preference over what sound you produce, or does it happen naturally?

I usually just start with the foundation of the kick, bass, claps, and hats and go from there. I naturally always end up with darker complex sounds.

7 – Finally, where can we find the tracks?

The ‘Autonomic EP’ is available everywhere. As for all of my other music, I have yet to put up any previews, but Soundcloud is the best place to stay up to date on what I have going on!

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