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Interview | Questions & Answers With JCass



Interview | Questions & Answers With JCass
You’ll be enchanted by the multifaceted nature of JCass. This lady is a sexy model and a singer who will have you up and dancing in no time. She puts a lot of energy into her art project, and all the efforts finally paid off when she reached the top of the music charts in the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to interview JCass as she allowed us to get to know her better.

1 – Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am originally born in Jasper, Indiana. I am a Hoosiers girl at heart. Later moved to Houston at a very young age. I then moved to New York for college and then moved back to Houston.

2 – How did you get started with singing and creating music?

I started writing music at the age of 9. I remember getting in trouble for being on the phone to late with my friend, so my very first song was called “Blame It On The Phone”. Anytime I was sad or experienced something I would take my pad and pen and write a song to a melody that I would hear in my head. I later then started doing shows for Disney and shows in my local area. Then it progressed after that to now my music becoming International. Worldwide baby!

3 – We know you are also a professional model. Is it possible to pursue two careers at the same time?

It is very possible to pursue two careers at one time. Modeling comes in hand with my music as I do a lot of magazine publications where I talk about my music career as well. These two careers complement each other.

4 – What inspired you to write your new song “Wrapped Up”?

I wrote “Wrapped Up” based on how I was feeling which was being heavy into a special someone. Everything I write about is what I am feeling or have felt before.

5 – What was your purpose to release an EDM version? Who collaborated with this remix?

I want people to see my versatility and see that my voice sounds great over EDM. I also wanted a get-up and dance version of the song with a sensual chorus line for the come down part of the song then the dance part kicks back in. I want different elements and dynamics to my music and I feel EDM is the perfect blend. The guys who made this track are very talented DJ’s from Siberia, they go by T&J. Bizzy Bone the Legend also sounds incredible on this EDM version.

6 – Where was your last performance? Are you planning upcoming live shows?

My last performance was in Phoenix, Arizona. I had a blast in that city and would love to come back for another show. I have more upcoming shows in the works for my new EP coming out.

Jcass interview7 – Have you ever been rewarded for your music?

Absolutely being #1 in the Netherlands for six weeks straight beating all the top MC is an accomplishment and award within itself. I was on the news and we started working on my tour overseas.

8 – Will you release Spanish tracks in the future? Would you like to enter the Latin music market?

Being a Nicaraguan American, I definitely will release Latin music in the very near future. That is a very important part of me and the world must see that I can do both. English and Spanish, I am definitely proud.

9 – Do you have an official date for your upcoming album? How many tracks will be included?

At the moment I do not have an official date but I can tell you it will be in the near future and I will include about 10 tracks.

10 – When would you like to retire from making music?

Music will always be a part of me as I never see a retirement date.



By Erick Ycaza

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