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Interview | Questions & Answers With Johny Dar



Interview | Questions & Answers With Johny Dar
Johny Dar
has made a name for himself in the fashion industry. At the present time, the designer ventures into the world of electronic music with an upcoming album and live show entitled ‘Dardelica’. On this project, he channels his own invented music style known as alien-rap. We had a chat where we discussed so many things and, in particular, on his new single “Gigi”.

1 – Firstly, what got you into electronic dance music?

Very good question…I was kidnapped by my ex-girlfriend who took me to an underground electronic party six hours away from LA, and after two hours off-roading I ended up in the middle of nowhere with kids looking like they just came out of no man’s land! I wanted to run back because I felt like it was just stupid… and then she gave me a piece of chocolate and I was hooked.

2 – We know besides being a musician, you’re also into fashion and design. How do you manage your time between these different professions?

I learned to expand time by juggling non-stop so I actually do need all of them to maintain my sanity, otherwise, I run out of events to keep juggling in life. Actually, I invented my own time, which helps, so I run on my own clock – DAR time – which is 32 instead of 24 hours in a day.

3 – If you have to pick one of your songs to introduce your sound to someone who has never heard of you, what song would you choose? Why?

“Alien Animal” because it’s the closest sounding to the organic form of alien rap, and it’s a great track to get into the Dardelica vibe with – especially when working out.

interview johny dar
4 – Is it true that your new single “Gigi”, was something you wanted to release 20 years ago?

Yes, life has not been up to my speed therefore sometimes my old creations or inspiration end coming around as the fresh idea of today once the rest of humanity are finally ready to hear it. So patience wasn’t an option for me – it was a must in order to live.

5 – What made you decide this was the right time to release “Gigi”?

Maybe because I have been seeing Gigi Hadid everywhere, and my subconscious had to react and the time had come to release Gigi… fuck it – if it’s a gut feeling then I just do it!

6 – I really liked the short story behind your new music video. Where was it filmed? Did you have any participation in this clip?

In London. I’m glad you liked it. It was a call of letting go and trusting in someone else’s abilities, so I drew a small story board and sent it to my team. They filmed outside all day during a freak drop in the temperature – it was literally zero degrees. If you look closely you can see the snow falling in the video. But it turned out great in the end so I guess it was worth it!

7 – What exactly is the term ‘Alien-Rap’ and why is it related to this new song?

Alien-rap is a name to describe the language I’ve developed over the past few decades. We needed to name it when we started applying it to create electronic dance tracks, and the Dardelica theme evolved from that as well. The album is designed to be the journey into deepest space, because listening to this language, even without knowing the meaning, you really journey. And I’m an alien, obviously.

8 – Do you think “Gigi” could be the perfect song for a fashion runway event or for a club?

Both, yes.

9 – Can you reveal to us interesting details about your upcoming album and live show ‘Dardelica’?

Interesting details are a crucial element of the album and the live show. Each track has so many layers – different forms of alien rap, nature sounds, special effects… then the show is a multimedia, multidimensional, sensory journey, which merges the audio with specially designed motion graphics and lighting to create an immersive experience that no one is going to walk out of the same as when they came in, guaranteed.

dardelica johny dar

10 – What can we expect from Johny Dar for the rest of 2018?

Apart from the Dardelica album and shows, there’s art exhibitions in London and Europe, lots of books coming out including DAR the BOOK 4 and my first novel ‘Darya’ and more from the IQ-ME series. And a new body art project that I’m photographing myself, and TV show inspired by the Love Your Body series. And my new ‘Conscious Wear’ fashion line. I told you, I like juggling.



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