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Interview | Questions & Answers With Kellie-Anne




Despite her young age, Kellie-Anne has such a wonderful voice. The 15-year-old Canadian artist who resides in NYC released this year an anti-bullying song called “Not The Girl”, which empowers teenagers to believe in themselves. Influenced by Sia and inspired by Ed Sheeran, her songs are hidden gems that you need to check out! For more information, read our short interview below.

1 — Are you from a musical family?

My whole family adores music, however, no one is a musician and I am the only one in my family who does so.

2 — If you have to invent a genre that best describes your music style what would it be?

I would say a mix of Pop, Soul and a bit of Country altogether!

3 — Who were your childhood music heroes?

I love this question! Ever since I was very young, I always adored Taylor Swift, and she was definitely my biggest inspiration as I developed as an artist. However, my music heroes now, are definitely Sia and Ed Sheeran.

kellie-anne interview
4 — How did you come to record “Not The Girl”?

I started writing my own music about a year ago and met some fellow influencers in the industry as well as producers, therefore I decided to get my music produced! It was one of the best feelings ever, especially producing and releasing a song with such a powerful meaning to me.

5 — How do you think guys of your age will respond to it?

I think that teens my age will definitely enjoy it, as it has a Pop sound to it, and is fun to dance to. It also has a very important message to spread about pushing through the hard times and not letting other people get in the way of achieving what you want in life!

6 — In your opinion, what’s the best way to stop bullying?

I believe that everyone is equal. We all come from the same origins and are all important. Therefore there shouldn’t be anyone putting others down. I think that if we all stop comparing ourselves to others and focus on being the best people we can be, bullying will stop inevitably.

7 — What are your plans in terms of music for the next single?

I will continue to promote my music, perform as much as I can, and grow as a person and artist, to become the best person I can possibly be. I will also continue to write my music and produce it, as that is simply my true passion.

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8 — As an artist, how much importance do you give to social media and how do you deal with negative comments?

I give a lot of importance to social media, because of how prominent and important it is to our generation and modern life. I find it awesome, that people from all around the world have this platform to share their passion on, and grow as people. I think that having the whole world being part of social media, with all the positivity that it brings, also has its own issues, as there are negative people out there. I simply try to focus on the positive and try to ignore the negative. Because the fact that they have enough time to write negativity about someone else, bringing them down, simply shows they don’t deserve your time!

9 — What places would you like to perform your music live?

Wow, I mean there are many “dream” places that I would adore performing at. Some include at large music festivals like Coachella, and others like the Metlife center! Nothing’s ever too big haha! As I am new to NYC, I also want to learn more about the music industry in the city, and perform some more in local restaurants and festivals!

10 — How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I definitely see myself pursuing my music career in some way. My ultimate dream would be to be producing my music and performing live, worldwide. If that isn’t possible, I would love to be teaching others music, working in the “film” industry making music, and performing!



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