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Interview | Questions And Answers With Matt Miller



Interview | Questions And Answers With Matt Miller

In this interview, DJ Matt Miller speaks on his music career and debut album ‘Relationships’, which premieres tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. This project features different singers and it’s inspired by multiple styles of dance music. The talented DJ was sincere and opened up about many other interesting things…

1 – Did you ever have any contact with music during your childhood?

I was fortunate to have significant contact with music during my childhood and young adulthood. I used my parent’s old record player and music equipment that a friend’s father owned. We would jam like we were rock stars.

2 – What is the first step you take in order to produce a song?

I usually get a coffee and create a track depending on how I am feeling at the time.

3 – How did you approach and learn music production?

I experimented and learned from one of my friends who played the piano. In college, I enrolled in music theory and composition classes and minored in music.

4 – One observation in listening to your music is that your songs are composed by a variety of styles. Do you believe it’s a bad thing to focus in just one genre?

I think music is an expression of oneself. We are never doing the same thing all the time – that would be boring. I like to create and learn different genres because I, myself, am always changing and growing.

5 – How did you get the name of your debut album ‘Relationship’?

The title of the album was created by the songs that depicted several of the relationships I experienced throughout the years. Some were filled with love and friendships and others didn’t last. I am sure people will be able to relate to the messages and titles when they are listening to my music.

6 – Is there a track in this album you like the most?

“On Your Mark.” The reason I am passionate about this track is because it reminds me of running track. When I was involved in collegiate track I would always try my best to concentrate and run as fast as I could. I thought that if I could train hard and practice every day I could achieve my goals. I tried everything to be the best athlete I had potential to be. Unfortunately, other responsibilities distracted my athleticism. I had to work and had a lot that consumed my mind – this sometimes put too much pressure on my mental state. The sport of running is very mentally demanding and this song affects me emotionally. When I feel down I listen to this song.

7 – Who was responsible for writing the lyrics?

The talented Kayla Jay wrote the majority of the album. Maggie Glassman wrote several of the other songs.

8 – Are you releasing a music video this year?

Yes, I will hopefully be releasing two or three music videos from the album.

9 – What are the current challenges you face as an artist?

The current challenges I face as an artist are finding a voice and always finances. I try to collaborate with people I can trust and see or understand the vision. Finding genuine people who believe and want to work with you is always a struggle.

10 – Why people should follow and listen to Matt Miller’s music?

People should listen to my music because it is always created from my heart and experiences. I want to be a voice for the people who have similar experiences and need something to relate to and I try to paint that picture in the music I produce.



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