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Interview | Questions & Answers With Mattjax



Okay my people, this is the first interview of 2019. I had the honor to interview a talented guy who is crazy for Disco as much as myself. Get to know Mattjax! The Dutch Producer talks exclusively with Electro Wow about his promising new single, “Back To 69”, which is having a release on January 18th. Scroll down and continue reading if you’re into funky music.

1 — For people who haven’t discovered yet your music, how would you describe it?

I’ll always tell people that ask ‘What kind of music do you produce’ the following. I don’t have a specific genre that I produce, but everything I make has a Disco sound. So it can be Nu-disco, Future Funk, House, Pop but it will all have a Disco vibe.

2 — What’s your all-time favorite Disco record?

There are a few songs that come close but “Stayin’ Alive” is my favorite. Some other songs that come to mind are Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”, Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” and “Le Freak” from CHIC. But there are so many classics that are great. And some of the recent stuff from Daft Punk, Calvin Harris and also the new CHIC album is great!

3 — What’s the best part of making tracks?

Creating something out of nothing, that’s what I think is attractive to any artist. You have this thing in your head and *poof* now other people can listen to it.

3 — Let’s talk about your forthcoming song entitled ‘Back To 69’. What does it mean to you?

In short, the song is about wanting to go back to your youth. Wanting to see your high school crush or your old friends again. I’m still young (24), but I’m a big fan of nostalgia so I do understand those feelings.

We were actually inspired by Bryan Adams’ “Summer Of 69” and that’s how we came up with the year 1969. We figured besides referring to that that it’s also a good year to pick since it’s the forerunner of the 70’s.

Mattjax Interview
4 — How did you come up with the idea of working together with Dynamique?

Me and Elliot (Dynamique) are good friends, we already collaborated before on a track called “You Told Me”. It’s actually with the same vocalist! And we wanted to work on more music, so we bounced some ideas back and forth and we created “Like A Melody”!

5 — How did you mediate disagreements?

Don’t think we really had any! The collab went really smooth. We finished it rather quickly as well. I did the final mix and mastering and I think he had some small things he wanted to be tweaked/changed. They were some small changes I agreed with and after that, we had a finished track!

Mattjax music studio
6 — Is it true you were musically inspired by Daft Punk on this material?

Yes! A lot of my stuff is inspired by other artists and music. “Like A Melody” was directly inspired by their RAM album. We wanted a guitar on the track that gives the same sort of vibe as that specific album.

7 — What about the vocals? Who is the singer behind that beautiful voice? Did she also write the lyrics?

Her name is Chloe Doyon as I already mentioned she also did the vocals for “You Told Me”. She is a great singer and really easy to work with, so it was an easy pick for the new EP. Me and her wrote “Back To 69” together, we wrote it in a skype call actually! As for “Like A Melody”, she wrote that one together with Dynamique. I always enjoy writing lyrics but I couldn’t make it to that writing session.

8 — Have you ever considered releasing a music video for any of your songs?

Yes I have! I would love to make one but I want to do it when I can make something ‘crazy’. Something with a good budget and an actual story/meaning. Not just a simple ‘hey let’s just record some people walking on the beach’ or something like that.

9 — When you’re not at the studio, what do you like to do in your free time?

I still tend to do a lot of things involving music! I have my own playlist called ‘Cuppy’s cozy adventure!’ Shameless plug haha! And I’m always on the lookout for music for that playlist. Also gotten into streaming on Twitch! On there I just look for music while chatting with people or show people how I produce music. Besides that, I enjoy playing the occasional game which I also stream.

I also enjoy watching movies, hanging out with friends, drinking a good coffee or a craft beer! I’m into designing and taking pictures, which helps me with my music project as well. Some of the artworks of my releases were made by me and I actually enjoy posting stuff on Instagram.

10 — Finally, how do you hope your music career progresses in the next 10 years?

Rough question, because I really live day to day! I mean I have goals and I guess a vision of what I want to achieve but I tend to not set it in stone. But hmmm… in 10 years I would just like to be an established artist. And with that, I mean that I hope that I can collaborate with some hero’s of mine. Besides that, I just hope I keep a dedicated fanbase of people who support me because having people enjoy your music is just the best feeling you can get.



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