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Interview | Questions & Answers With Mr K



Mr K - Put God First
South African singer and songwriter Mr K adds his own touch of contemporary music to the Gospel genre on the new album, ‘Put God First.’ This record reflects his Christian spirituality, but most importantly, its meaningful lyrics are full of teachings. Find out more details in the interview below.

1 – First of all, what first got you into music?

I’ve always dreamt songs from as far back as I can remember. At the time I didn’t really know what to do with it. Poetry, however, was more practical because I’ll write it down. Recently with divine intervention, a big brother (Oskido) assisted in getting the process started with studio guidance and a record label. Then I started with recording the melodies I dream, combined with my writing experience from the poetry.

2 – Do you think your homeland has inspired the music you make?

Without a doubt especially the beat patterns. The content is mostly influenced by my upbringing and how the Lord has recently touched me.

3 – How would you define your music genre?

It’s Gospel due to content, however, there are dance tracks, R&B tracks, and typical local gospel. It’s really hard to classify it into one genre.

4 – What makes your new album ‘Put God First’ so special?

The fact that it’s not my album but one that was guided by the Lord. I really can’t claim this musical talent and the drive behind my creativity or wisdom. I believe He is using me as a tool to get His word out to the world in a different approach. This is not an album but a different presentation of the word of God.

5 – Some music critics think religious music is boring. Do you agree or disagree?

We have been traditional way too much in most cases with Gospel music. However, I wouldn’t say boring at all so, I don’t agree. When my spirit craves the Lord, the same traditional Gospel music always soothes me.

My album has tracks you can dance to, sometimes we just need to use normal dance moves and dance to the Lord.

6 – What’s your favorite track from your new album? Why?

It’s a very difficult question, for me, every track is the word of the Lord personified. The beat is just describing the mood of the track. If you insist on asking when I feel like: love “Is It You”, dancing in a local club “Please Forgive Me” and dancing in an international club “Go Away”. When I remember the Lord’s grace “Merciful And Grateful”. You are really putting me in a corner here.

7 – What’s the connexion between the Bible and the lyrics of your songs?

Every song is inspired by a Bible verse. Those are the verses in reference, I really pray that the world reads the verses in reference more than even listen to music.

My poetry in each song is Bible-based.

8 – Is there any song on this album that puts you in a dancing mood?

Yes oh Yes… local dance mood “Please Forgive Me.” I really love dance music. This album allows me to dance to tunes I really like.

9 – What do you want listeners to take from ‘Put God First’ album?

The word of the Lord.

10 – What can we expect from Mr K in 2021?

Look out for all music videos from the album and the documentary that tells the story behind this material. Without a doubt, the beginning of ‘Put God First Volume 2.’!



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