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Interview | Questions & Answers With NTFRMHRE



Interview | Questions & Answers With NTFRMHRE
is an artist from Philadelphia, who feels music running through his veins. According to his own words, some of his earliest songs have always sounded electronic, and it’s all about the vibes you can experience with this genre. In this interview, he opened up about his new rhythmically varied album ‘4th Dimension’. He also gave details about its production process and more…

1 – What made you change your original music style to EDM?

I’ve always used a lot of EDM elements in my music from the past. Whenever I was searching for sounds, I’ve never really used natural instruments. I’ve always gravitated towards the electrical sounds. I love the way we can manipulate sound using the oscillators, filters and other things on a synthesizer. Electronic music was always attractive to me and was inspired by many DJ’s like Deadmau5 and Diplo. So, after working with many local artists, I left music behind for a few years. I always loved the vibe it gave me and with me come back as an artist, I did it for me.

2 – Why does your music feel so good?

Haha! It’s like cooking, if you’re in a bad mood….the food won’t taste good! So, I guess I was in a good mood cooking! Just great positive vibes!

3 – How did you get into social work with the children of Philadelphia?

My old boss became the PAL Commander and she knew of my past experience…. teaching a high school program in Upper Darby, Pa. She also knew of my current involvement with the Philadelphia Eagles Drumline and had a great idea of starting a drumline. I couldn’t refuse! I love their passion and reminds me of myself growing up. I mean, the opportunity to teach the youth and help create more opportunity for them is priceless.

4 – Why did you name your new album as ‘4th Dimension’?

Scientifically a human eye cannot truly register a “4th dimension”. Like the tesseract, it’s an actual guess of what it would be in real life! So, Creatively I am not HERE in the 3rd dimension….I am in the 4th simply trying to bring the listener to where I am with the fused styles. I want them to feel what I feel and be out the box in the genre…it’s the Matrix man!

5 – Despite the fusion of electronic subgenres, do you think there’s a very unified sound to the album?

No, It’s not unified. The moods and styles vary from song to song. That was one of my challenges, to make sure the album flowed from top to bottom but …I mean, I could’ve made a House album and although that would’ve been fun, it would only be one dimensional.

6 – Who were your vocalists?

There are vocal samples that I used and also featured was Scott Thomas & MRS aka Mikey! Both were great to work with, I appreciate both of them.

7 – Are your songs the result of experimentation? Do you have a secret methodology at the studio?

Some of the songs DO sound like experiments! HAHA! So Funny! But no secret methodology… No experiments … I just transformed my feelings about certain life experience into music arrangements and sounds to share my moments. For example, “Nejar” sounds almost out of time and clashing. That was the inner conflict of me trying to make a choice…. to give music one last try AND to be an artist for the first time. The Fear, the unknown, when the choice was finally made and the happiness of that choice. With that explanation, if you listen closely to the song, you can feel exactly what I was going through. Very out of place percussion textures, it sounds lost at first. Then into a Jazz feel(chords) with an under rhythm of a “drum and bass” style…. and even a reggae feeling at the end which then goes back into a mysterious feeling …the question, “what now?”. So, everything you hear… even what would be considered “error” was calculated. Each song tells my story.

8 – Do you think of what you do as a job, or is it more than that?

Both! The work ethic it takes, I mean… I tell myself, “I have to do this…and that”. It’s a lot of work and more. I gave myself deadlines and etc, however, I loved doing it! It was extremely fun and sometimes not so fun…Every rhythm and every music note are a part of me. Music is my life, the love and passion I have for it makes it a great experience.

9 – Are you planning to release a music video anytime soon?

For the next single, yes, I’m in the planning stages with a company out L.A.

10 – Where is your dream DJ destination?

Aw man!! There’s so many I would love to do!! but if I had to pick one, I would say the Ultra Music Festival.



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