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Interview | Questions & Answers With RYNO



Interview | Questions & Answers With RYNO
New York City has been the birthplace of many talented artists. Well, Ryan Jacob Doyle aka RYNO is no exception. In the interview with the singer, he revealed why he is taking now a solo career and also gave us some punctual information about his newest song “Glory” and the album ‘The Pervade’. If Synth Pop is your thing, then I would like to invite you to read what he expressed about his music.

1 – What are some words you would use to describe 2017 for you and your music?

Inspirational, challenging and growth.

2 – What are the differences between The Doyle Brothers and RYNO?

My project with my brother is very special and specific with what it does, RYNO is a limitless possibility of expression for me. Both are very important for me to have.

3 – When and why did you decide to start a solo career as RYNO?

It was a bit of a slow burning solo vision that quickly developed into a production partnership with DJ/Producer Mega, he and I are both type-A dreamers of the same vision, both of us are very eager to get new music out!

4 – How long was the process of producing your first original track “Glory”?

Glory is not our first original track, though it definitely started to focus the vision between Mega and I. We are currently working on a 2017 resolution of writing and producing two new songs per month. Glory took a bit longer than that but it’s definitely in the mix of that batch of records.

glory ryno

5 – Why is this track called “Glory”? What was the inspiration for it?

The lyric is an anthem of my hometown and the challenges I had moved away. Buffalo will always be a town close to my heart, but without the leap of faith move to NYC I would have never built up the courage to start RYNO.

6 – I liked your cover of Donna Lewis’s “I Love You Always Forever”. Do you plan on releasing any more covers soon?

Yes, we’re definitely soul-searching deeply for influences from growing up to pay homage to. The Donna Lewis cover was a bit of an odd ball for us in regards to that but was a song that always stuck with me through my childhood and an early influence on my ears being in tune to Electro Pop music.

7 – Which is the best song in your studio album RYNO: ‘The Pervade’?

“Stars in the Sky” is a record very close to my heart. We’re going to continue releasing singles through the end of the year and will revisit the concept of an EP at that point. This project definitely has an artistic vision I feel would benefit from releasing a whole batch of songs but while we are totally independent we prefer to have the freedom of releasing music whenever and however we’d like.

8 – How did you become a songwriter? What subjects do you like to explore?

I have a passion and writing songs that people can relate to and sing along to

9 – Is there a special place on planet Earth you would love to perform your music?

Since the video for Stars in the Sky caught viral traction in the Scandinavian territories of Europe, I’ve had a romance with the concept of performing there.

10 – What are three things you can’t live without?

My heart, my brain, and my voice.



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