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Interview | Questions & Answers With Sarah Ragsdale



Interview | Questions & Answers With Sarah Ragsdale

If you already know Sarah Ragsdale, you will agree she is blessed with a golden singing voice. The New Jersey’s Piano Woman joined me in an exclusive interview to discuss her music career and the single “Paranoia”, taken off her new album ‘Whimsical Romance’. Watch the gorgeous music video directed by Douglas Ferguson below!

1 – When does your interest to play the piano become your passion?

My piano playing really stepped up when I started playing in the piano bars. I was on the spot every night and had to think quick and be on my toes (or fingers?) to keep the audience involved and entertained. This experience made me realize just how powerful it is to be able to be the whole band with your hands!

2 – Did you have any formal vocal training?

Yes, I did have classical vocal training and I think it gave me a great foundation. Pop singing is very different though. It’s more like talking really, and that’s even how I rehearse sometimes. However, I definitely think that you can hear my classical vocal sounds pop through here and there on some songs, and having that versatility in style is liberating.

Sarah Ragsdale interview
3 –Who motivated you to start a music career?

I picked up things here and there from a variety of people. Nobody can really tell you exactly the way you can or should do your own career, but taking advice and influence from family, friends, and just other interesting people along the way gets you to your own unique way of doing things.

4 – What feelings arouse in you while listening to your new single “Paranoia”?

Nostalgia. I can picture all of the items I talk about: “haunted mansions, broken dolls…summer turning to fall, riding horses, mountaintops”. They are all real events imprinted in my memories, and nobody can see them exactly like I do. Yet, I try to give you the most similar emotion as possible through song and video.

5 – Are the lyrics intended to attract listeners of romantic music?

The lyrics are not intended to do anything other than tell this story of lost love and these memories associated with it. However, I would be happy to hear that romantics love it!

6 – How much different is this song from your previous releases?

I have done many piano ballads in the past, including some live acoustic recordings, that have a somewhat similar style. However, this song is unique for the album. The other songs on “Whimsical Romance” are mostly up-tempo, but this one slows it down with a more introspective take on love.

7 – I love the snowy scenery of your latest music video. Did you face any difficulties during the filming of the clip due to cold weather?

Well at one point we got lost in the park! It all looked the same with the snow covering up everything. Oh, and then we were going to shoot on a carousel, but it was closed down due to the weather! So we improvised with a snowman!

Interview | Questions & Answers With Sarah Ragsdale
8 – Is your next single another ballad or are you open to exploring different styles?

I love that question! It’ almost like two different personalities…the up-tempo or the ballad. I’m still working on the release of this album “Whimsical Romance” which has mostly up-tempo tunes. However, I do have some new material in the works which continue the exploration of the ballad!

9 – Who would you dream to collaborate with?

That’s a really tough question because I would love to collaborate with so many people! But, I will throw one thought out there… Andy Grammer. I like his style, his story, he’s a fellow pianist…I think that would be really fun!

10 – What’s the best music advice you have ever been given?

The best advice is that it doesn’t take money to do what you love, just using that creativity to its fullest!



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