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Interview | Questions & Answers With Spooner Street



Spooner Street
Constantly improving and impressing, the UK based duo Spooner Street presented “One Night” to the world recently. With its Electro House groove and inimitable rhythm, it immediately got our attention. Intricate producers who care about every little element of the track are impressive, and ‘One Night’ is obviously built in the perfectionist’s ilk. We wanted to catch up with the guys and ask them how they came to make such a banger, and what we can expect from them in the future!

1 — Hey guys – how did the track come about in the first place?

Hey wassup! To be honest, we always have 3 or four tracks on the go, this was a sick little melody that Rob came up with (Well done Rob) so we had a hunt around and found some catchy vocals, some cool hooks etc and this is what we got!

2 — Do you think this style suits you, and do you think this is different to your normal style at all?

To be honest we are always trying to move forward. We love all Dance music and dabble in most styles, however, the Electro/Future House stuff has definitely brought us the most success so far!

spooner street interview
3 — What influences do you think are noticeable in this track?

Well, I (Cliff) first sent it last year out for some feedback and the Disco Fries said it sounded like a Galantis track, so that’s pretty cool! We have our own sort of style and we like a catchy bassline but are always down to play around with synths and stuff too!

4 — How long did it take you to create this track?

This probably took 8 hours? Myself, and Rob, usually get together once a week to start putting some stuff together, so this was probably two sessions.

5 — Was there a lot involved in finishing the song, or did it all click together nicely?

Rob is awesome at mixing music and has been involved in loads of genres so that side goes down well. Robs a little bit OCD with the music so we hope that comes across!

6 — Do you have any big plans for the summer, and what can we look forward to from you?

We’ve got some releases lined up and a few collabs coming out later in the year so that will be good! We’re hoping to play out more together as we haven’t really been too focused on that. Cliff plays out sometimes but it’s not always the true Spooner Street Style. So promoters… Message us! Haha!

7 — Do you think the UK scene inspires elements of this track, or are you more interested and involved in transatlantic sounds?

It’s hard really. We love the underground vibe that the UK has always had, we like the House/Tech House stuff. We have a free download in this sort of style on our SoundCloud now, however, we like to move in our own style and feel the Electro/Future House cross over suits us as a duo even if it may not be as popular at home. We always try and incorporate it into any sets and feel it can be matched with some of the bass heavy House stuff.

8 — Finally, where can we get our hands on the track?

All of the big download stores will have the track! We’d love your support on Beatport, as getting in those Top 100 charts really does help us!

If you’re not into Beatport but like streaming music you can find all our stuff on Spotify/Apple Music etc and we’d love to be included in your playlists!

Thanks for having a chat with us! We hope to catch up again soon! Hopefully with more tracks and news!


Listen to “One Night”



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