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Interview | Questions & Answers With Swonk



Interview | Questions & Answers With Swonk
really blew me away with his first ever debut single “Kicking Pavement”. Saxophones are sexy as hell and vocals are so inviting. We got a chance to speak with him about this newborn project for fans of electronic music. Please check this out!

1 – Was there any special motivation to begin this project as Swonk?

The Swonk project was something I had been considering for a while as a supplement to my other project, An Ordinary Day. On the backend I noticed that my productions were driving down two different stylistic paths, so I felt it would only be right to give them each their own placeholder.

2 – How would you describe the sound of Swonk in just one phrase?

Fast food music with fresh ingredients and seasoned with soul. ☺

3 – Are you considering taking a definitive break from your previous projects?

I still produce material that categorically fits under what An Ordinary Day is meant to be. AOD is really about allowing myself the freedom to experiment and create without putting so much emphasis on meeting a certain structure or timeline. I am planning to release under both aliases in parallel.

4 – Why is there a flying insect in the Swonk logo? What is the hidden meaning of it?

The logo is a butterfly – and to me, it’s a symbol of transformation or representative of evolution.

swonk interview
5 – Your latest collaboration with David Mason, “Kicking Pavement” is a nice electronic piece. How was it teaming with David and what went into this tune?

David is a very dedicated, hardworking, and talented guy. We had been in contact some time ago about working on a track but nothing ever transpired. Finally, he reached out with a few raw vocal demos that he was looking for collaborators on. In addition to working with David, I summoned Hugo Lee to play saxophone on the record. It was my first time doing that and it was awesome to hear how well it turned out.

6 – Did someone or something inspired you to produce it?

I really enjoyed the pop nature of the vocal, but it had enough edge that allowed me to create a few heavier moments in the track. I tried to fit my production to the vocal rather than the other way around.

7 – What do you hope listeners take away from listening to this track?

I think it touches the surface of what Swonk is all about. I don’t always aim for a particular genre, but try to fit just enough of the clichés in there to add familiarity, along with some unexpected weirdness.

8 – Are you already planning to release a second single anytime soon?

I’m always on the prowl for my next collaboration and have several works in progress. I’m hoping to release another track in the next few months, but I also have never been one to force it.

swonk studio
9 – Have you considered remixing for other artists under the alias of Swonk?

Definitely. I often find that doing remixes are a quick way to gain inspiration. From a legal stance it’s easier to gain clearance by working with independent artists, but I’ve also considered remixing bigger artists as a demonstration of what I am able to do.

10 – Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

The typical – follow me on all of my social networks. Subscribe to my Youtube and add Kicking Pavement to your Spotify playlists!



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