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Interview | Questions & Answers With Synchrony



Interview | Questions & Answers With Synchrony

Synchrony is a duo that is gradually dominating Marbella’s underground music scene. No wonder, then, they have received support from renowned producers such as Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Shiba San and Richie Hawtin. Well, I had the great pleasure to interview these guys about their most recent EP, entitled ‘Project 1’, which is out now on all digital stores!

1 — How did you meet each other and when did you start working together as ‘Synchrony’?

I held an after party at my home in Marbella and Veronica was invited by a common friend (A.Salazar), with her then taking to the decks & mixing. Everybody who didn’t know her thought she was playing from my USB because it was connected. When I looked, Veronica was mixing her own music & it was then that we discovered we have the same musical taste – so we started to work together, during the summer of 2017.

2 — Why did you name this artistic venture as ‘Synchrony’?

There were a lot of coincidences like had never happened to me before & it felt like we were in synchrony. So after we completed ‘Project 1’, we decided Synchrony was the most fitting name.

3 — How challenging was it to produce the ‘Project 1’ EP?

It was a pleasure, with each of us looking for the same kind of sounds & we made time to work in the studio together, almost every day. At the beginning, it was a little more difficult, because during summer time there are many more gigs and parties, but we had forces of will & proposed ourselves to finish ‘Project 1’, before Christmas & the new year arrived.

4 — Where did the inspiration for this EP come from?

It comes from the love of the music, everything together as one. Each time we sat down to compose, we discovered new trajectories to apply to our tracks. At the same time, we were discovering ourselves as people, from those feelings we got the inspiration.

5 — After ‘Project 1’, do you have in mind to release a new EP titled ‘Project 2’? If yes, how different will it sound?

We are currently working on our new project, to feature more warm & deep sounds, moving into Techno – whilst keeping the groove in each composition & not sacrificing on harmonies, whilst staying true to our own signature style. We will also look to collaborate with other artists, who also believe in the project.

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6 — In your opinion, which track features the most irresistible dance beat? Why?

“Benzal Memories”, we produced a song for a friend – with the focus of delivering him with hard & upfront beats, that he truly found himself needing at a stage of his life – whilst his child was sadly diagnosed with cancer. He visited my home at a low point, opened up about everything & at that exact moment, we began working in the studio. With an understandable bitter/sweet feeling with life, we then started to create a rhythm and evolution of sounds – transposing true feelings. It speaks about overcoming issues in life and how a little boy overcame illness & triumphed.

7 — Are you a fan of using vocal samples on your tracks?

Yes, we are! we try to always work with singers and in the new project, we have a new vocalist who’s collaborating with us also.

8 — Do you always share the same responsibilities when producing music at the studio?

We try to work together, naturally, it doesn’t matter if one of us works more or less. The most important thing is to be in the studio together and do what we really love, as one.

9 — Where can we see you DJing live soon? Is there any upcoming show on your agenda?

Right now, we are looking at touring options around the world, because to us – it’s very important to share our music with the people – so watch this space.

10 — What are you looking forward to experiencing while playing your tracks at the clubs?

Goosebumps. Take the people on a journey through our feelings, and reproduce them across the airwaves – opening people’s minds to not just sounds, but also the experience.



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