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Interview | Questions & Answers With The APX



Interview | Questions & Answers With The APX
I’m sure you are aware that there’s an 80’s music revival in our modern times. Nevertheless, nobody does it better than The APX. I’m very glad, to feature this dynamic interview on my blog with the husband-wife duo from Atlanta. Without exaggeration, I can say that their single “Right on Time” is highly addictive. In fact, I became a new fan of them after having heard just the first seconds of it. Definitely, this artistic couple will have to be on your radar in 2018.

1 – What artists, events or bands influenced The APX sound?

Erika: So far, a wide range of artists but here is a list of the most prevalent inspirations to our sound:
– Rick James
– Flyte Tyme
– Zapp Band
– Kaytranada
– Kashif
– The SOS Band
– Cameo

Our whole project is mainly influenced by the 80’s and the color and life that music had back then. We find ourselves listening to that stuff all the time and it really moves us!

2 – Does APX constitutes an acronym?

The APX is an abbreviation of The After Party Experience which is the name of our touring cover band act that we run on the side of The APX.

3 – What’s the best thing about being a husband and wife duo?

Erika: We never have to worry about each other because we’re always together and having fun. We’re living the dream right now! Getting to work and play together as soulmates!

4 – I declare myself a big fan of your new single “Right on Time”. What has been the feedback so far?

Dee: The feedback has been amazing! HuffPost called it “excellent” and everyone in our hometown of Atlanta can’t get enough of “Right on Time.” There’s something about that song that really harnesses the essence of ‘timelessness.’ – Which has been our motivation from the start: to make music feel good again!

5 – Is “Right on Time” ideal for club plays or is it a radio-friendly tune?

Erika: “Right on Time” is for whatever you want it to be for! It can be a pick-me-up song if you’re having a bad day. It can be the song that you play in the car after you’ve picked up your date and you’re heading into the city for a good time! It’s a song you can start the day off to as you’re getting ready for work! It’s a song that you can play at any party where there’s funk music and it’ll blend right in! “Right on Time” is perfect for almost any occasion!

6  Why do you think the 80’s funky sound is emerging again in today’s music?

I think that people have heard so much of the same thing on mainstream radio that a lot of people have become tired of it and are migrating back to enjoying real music that they can play anywhere.

the apx interview
7 – Have you thought about releasing a remix for “Right on Time”?

Erika: We’re all about remixes! We will put out a remix pack soon for DJs all over the world to get their shot at remixing the song!

8 – On this project have you collaborated with other artists?

Dee: At the current moment we’ve only collaborated with our friend and producer out of Pittsburgh named Buscrates. We can’t say what the future will hold as far as collaborations because we produce, write and perform all of our material at home ourselves but who knows what’s in store for 2018!

9 – Where can we see The APX performing live soon?

Erika: We did our first tour last year (2017) to promote our single and really got our feet wet. At the current moment, we’re planning a tour for July 2018 and we are hoping to hit cities such as New York, Miami, Washington, Boston, and Montreal. This is all still in the planning phase right now. But anyone can always keep up with us at

10 – Are you planning to release more music videos in this new year?

Dee: YES! We can’t say for a sure when yet but we are planning on it!



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