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Interview | Questions & Answers With The Vice Rags



The Vice Rags interview
When it comes to Jersey City’s Indie Rock music, the first band that comes to your mind are The Vice Rags. Get to know this group, their story, their recent release “Jersey Boy”, and even their personality through this interesting interview.

1 — How did all start for you? When exactly was the band formed?

GE: I started playing in bands back in high school. I wanted to play in a band with Jack, but he chose my best friend over me to play bass for his band in the talent show. After college, we played together for a short time in a band called Mars Needs Women, but he kicked me out of that band and took another friend of mine to play bass…So like 30 years later I figured I’d start this band and ask him to join so that way he couldn’t kick me out and it worked!!! Well, it has thus far…Wait a second…Am I kicked out? I’m out aren’t I…Damn it that backfired.

Paul: I also started playing in bands in high school. Joe (drums) and I grew up in the same town and played in a couple bands together back then — did the Battle of the Bands and all that.

2 — Describe the personality of each band member in one single word

GE: Paul – Late, Joe – Busy, Jack – Also Busy, ME – Angry.

3 — If you had superpowers for one day, what would you change about the music scene in Asbury Park?

Paul: Bring back free street parking.

the vice rags
4 — When writing, do you come up with an idea for a song first or a melody?

Paul: It’s all about the idea. Usually, that comes in a word or a phrase that sums up the whole tune. Once you have that, you just keep pulling the thread until the whole thing is written.

5 — Do you consider your music is 100% Rock or something else?

GE: 90% Rock 10% Fear

6 — What inspired you to release your new single “Jersey Boy”?

Paul: A lot of people could write a song like “Shut Up & Love Me” or “One Heart.” But to write a song like “Jersey Boy” you’d probably need to come from where we come from. So we thought maybe it would help people get to know us a little better.

7 — Who directed the video for this track and where was it filmed?

Paul: Jack, our guitar player, filmed it at our practice space in Asbury Park, the Hot Dog House.

8 — Do you think is it possible to gain a million views on YouTube with a low budget video?

GE: Definitely! Not this one though…Unless one of us has a million family members that have been holding out on us.

9 — Do you have plans to release a new song before the end of the year?

Paul: No official releases, but we will be sharing clips of new material we’re writing on Instagram and elsewhere online.

10 — Finally, what has been your most memorable musical moment as a band?

GE: When we recorded…It was the first time I felt like we were an actual band and it felt like we were doing something special.



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