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Interview | Questions & Answers With Thin King



Interview | Questions & Answers With Thin King

Thin King is an electronic music duo who are very passionate about what they do. It should be noted that their live shows are mixed with impressive visuals, as they declare themselves fans of photography. Discover everything about them + the ‘Leafless’ EP with this recent interview!

1 — Welcome to Electro Wow, when exactly did you form the duo?

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! We basically met at the end of high school, and we started playing around with the Op-1 synthesizer during lessons.

We’ve grown up with two different musical backgrounds, one coming from the electronic producer’s world, at the same time the other one has always been in music, thanks to his family, and he has a more personal approach to music through percussions, vocals, and guitars.

The passion for making records has been maintained over time by the duo but rarely expressed because of the two different paths of studies we took at the university.

After a few years of full dedication to developing our signature sound we formed ‘Thin King’ that produces and performs electronic music coupled with visuals and photography.

2 — Why the name “Thin King”?

Because we have been fascinated by this word since Riccardo noticed it’s semantic singularity: ‘Thin’ and ‘King’ are at odds, as we like to couple distant moods; moreover the word ‘thinking’ calls the action of reflection and thoughts, which is something we really like to do when we talk about music. Starting from that point the name has floated over years until it found its own dimension.

thin king interview
3 — What Electronica artists have influenced your musical taste?

It’s hard to explain how our musical taste developed. Doubtless, there are some electronic artists who have molded and consolidated our vision over time as Nicolas Jaar, Thom Yorke, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Bonobo, Jon Hopkins and Deadmau5 just to name a few. So It would be reductive to refer only to a musical genre in terms of influences.

Our taste is made by the diversity of what music we used to listen in the past: starting from Frank Sinatra and classical music to hip-hop, pop, rock or indie.

4 — How many hours a week do you try to dedicate to studio work?

Our studio is an environment where we can freely express ourselves, indeed we dedicate as much time as we can and more. Studio sessions can last hours or even days since we work till late nights sometimes we fall asleep on keyboards. Probably many people think that’s not the safest way to produce music but in our case, it all depends on the flow and the feelings we have. Inspiration is not a button that we can switch. So we do not give a defined time to music, we can compare our studio sessions to the Dragonball’s room of spirit and time! 🙂

5 — Has there been many career obstacles for the two you during your journey to this point?

Developing a musical duo that channels studio productions, live performances, and visual arts in today’s world it’s a hard job, but that’s the challenge!

It’s a project in continuous evolution over the years: we started with a single synthesizer, stepped to the use of a laptop and then by the construction of our studio we were able to add new instruments.

It took us different years to get here and we know we are just at the beginning of our path. Obviously, we encountered various obstacles, different moments and difficulties, but at least things that helped us being more conscious.

6 — For your new ‘Leafless’ EP, tell us a little about how the production process was for you both overall?

‘Leafless’ is the result of a few months of work. It’s the first piece of music we co-wrote inside our actual studio, so we feel it special. It was during the building of the studio, we were sketching ideas.

The vision we had on this EP, and with writing our music in general, comes from storytelling: we are trying to represent moments with sounds, arranging them as the story unfolds, so every section evolves every time that brings us back.

In other words, we are trying to create the contrast between happiness, melancholy and all the emotions through synthesizers, sound design, field and studio recordings. We take care of the entire process of creation, from the first sound to the mix & master: we feel this way we have a wider opportunity to express ourselves.

7 — Who provided the standout vocals across the EP?

I’m the singer of the duo (Riccardo) and I express my self-playing with acoustic and electronic percussions. I use to approach guitars or piano when we are jamming or writing, this comes from my childhood.

thin king riccardo
While Andrea provides sound synthesis and design to our productions, takes care of arrangements and audio technical knowledge. The truth is that our workflow is not always so defined, we complement each other with different skills.

8 — Is there a difference of sound in ‘Leafless’, compared to past records?

The differences between the two EPs are based on the writing decisions we made. The last EP ‘Leafless’ was born in our recording studio, while ‘Somethinks’ is the result of a experimentation, written in different places and moments.

The sound of the two EPs is quite distant in some ways, the last one is more focused on defined sounds and a drier mix, instead the other is a deeper mix of rough sounds and a fulfillment of field recordings.

9 — And finally, any tour dates lined up for this summer?

More information soon available! 🙂 Thank you guys for this interview.



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