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Interview | Questions And Answers With Tonski & JMA



Interview | Questions And Answers With Tonski & JMA

Tonski & JMA have served up a brilliant interview to start 2017. Here the brothers shared interesting and private things you probably didn’t know about their life and music. If you liked the latest Prog House banger “Never Ever” recently released on Intonenation Records, then you should read this interview!

1 – What’s the best thing about being real life brothers?

We trust each other and know one another’s strengths and flaws.  Moreover we get along quite well, we’re very complementary. Like all brothers we have also our discussions, own opinions, differences of taste but we always come after a while to an agreement. What music matters we both know what is quality music and what isn’t. We both like quality productions, even if the  “other style” is popular at the moment and easy stuff to get into the charts 🙂

It must just feel right what we do without doing it for pleasing some popular DJ’s.

2 – Do you play specific roles in the duo?

Yes… most of the time, Jurgen tends to focus on the musical part while Dieter is very skilled in the production, construction, mixing and DJ’ing. Dieter is also an “oldskool” DJ who can play with vinyl & feel the groove without the need of any sync button :-).  Nowadays many youngsters don’t have this basic DJ skill.

3 – What was your parents’ reaction when you told them you that you wanted to work together as artists?

Our dad left us before we became teenagers. He was also very artistic & advanced but in photography, painting & airbrush. Later on, his work was copied by lots of colleagues in the “artistic” photography business… Our mom wasn’t very surprised. She saw it coming since the days our bedrooms changed into dance halls. Dieter only bought records/software/hardware with the money he received from playing the records in his hometown.  So mom wasn’t so angry.

4 – What do you hope listeners take away from your latest single “Never Ever”?

Most of the times you have to follow your own path in life and learn from your mistakes… to “never ever” make them again. With Tonski & JMA we try to deliver quality, accessible tracks without losing the things we believe & stand for.

5 – Why do think “Move One” became a European hit?

A hit is a big word…. “Move On” did it very well in Belgium & Germany. In Belgium, it went into the Official National Dance chart & was played on national radio. The track is recognizable due to the “retro game console” sound combined with Jonny Rose’s passionate voice and straightforward lyrics (written by Dieter) that emanate positivity and strength. If this was released on a major label we think it could have been more popular on the radio.

6 – How long did it take you to produce this song?

The original version was created in about 3 full days. The “refurbishment” took us another 2 days. Dieter is a doubter and perfectionist… so we lose time.

7 – How have you learned to make music?

Primarily by listening to other music and learning to recognize and analyze the different parts and structure.  Dieter learned a lot when he made his first track with a former “Bonzaï Records” producer who received later on a golden record. He also made some tracks with a sound engineer who worked for regional television & made some tracks for Diki Records (label that released great tracks in the 90’s like the Trance classic “The Age Of Love”).

In that period Dieter “stole” some production steps with his eyes & ears. 🙂  Subsequently, we took our first production steps alone in our bedroom studio with a second hand Atari 1040 and a single E-MU systems sound module. Later, we followed also together Cubase lessons & learned also cool things on

Dieter has been a DJ since he was 16  and Jurgen has taken piano lessons for some years. This seems to be a good combination somehow.

8 – Do you live two separate lives or are always very close to each other?

We are quite close to each other but don’t camp in each other’s home. Let’s say in general we see each other 1 time a week & try to send our girlfriends to shopping. Preferably not with our Visa/MasterCard.

9 – What DJs do you admire in today’s music industry?

In today’s music industry we like Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Kryder, Sasha, Mark Knight, Funkagenda, Green Velvet… for their unique underground, advanced, but accessible sound but we also like more radio minded, but quality productions from Tiësto, DJ Licious, JES, Armin Van Buuren, Michael Fall and Olivier Heldens.

Dieter (Tonski) likes to play accessible Tech/Electro House merged with Progressive House/Trance. All depends on the evening, the atmosphere & the public.

10 – What does the future hold for Tonski & JMA?

We have started with a new “Tonski & JMA” project but first Dieter has to finish some remixes & collabs. There’s a lot of work to do but a new one will sure follow.



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