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Interview | Questions & Answers With Tysu



Interview | Questions & Answers With Tysu

Tysu stands out with his creativity in songs that fall between Pop and RnB. Born in Nigeria and raised in Benin, he is an artist that was influenced by many cultures since childhood. Definitely, what I liked the most about his work, are the high-quality music videos. We talked about his latest releases and much more in this complete interview.

1 – What first drew you to start creating music?

I have always heard melodies in my head and that was the one thing I couldn’t escape from. In my sleep, taking a walk and just engaging in normal day-to-day activities, I found myself always composing in my head. I started off singing deep base at 11 at a church I was just attending to get a girl’s attention. I had no rhythm or cadence to my voice but overtime when few people mentioned that I was kind of aright, I started working and training my vocals overtime to singing more audibly and being slightly more comfortable while trying to mimic the sounds of Usher and Backstreet boys.

2 – Who were your childhood music heroes?

My Childhood music heroes were Usher, Boys II Men, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Puff Daddy then, Backstreet Boys and Nsync.

3 – I really like your uplifting music. What other adjectives would you use to describe the Tysu sound?

Tysu’s sound is all about good vibes and I would say his sound is uniquely and allrounder that has a little bit of Pop, Reggae RnB and Soul genre. In one-word Tysu’s sound gets you JIGGY with it or INSPIRES you.

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4 – Have you ever written a slow ballad?

Yes, I have written a slow ballad, I recently released a song called “Proud” this past February and have another one as such dropping in October of 2018. Very excited for my fans to hear it and watch the video for this.

5 – Tell us about the concept of the music video you made for “1,2,3 Time”. 

“1,2,3 Time” was the idea of my video Director Nima Javadi and I honestly showed up on my set, did my choreography and my Director and his team were actively putting it all together. They knew what they wanted to capture and very thankful to have had them work on this with me. Their passion for what they do and connection to the song made it possible.

6 – Do you derive the “Valley Girl” lyrics from your own personal experience?

Valley Girl lyrics is my exact personal experience form my move from New Jersey/New York to California and the entire message in the song is inspired by a playful day dreaming romance I had in my head with a girl from the Valley. Ironically the leading lady in the video happened to be Colombiana/Mexicana mix as depicted in the lyrics. I guess things have a way of working out.

7 – I noticed this song features some Spanish verses. How many languages do you speak?

I speak 3 languages: English, Yoruba (African Dialect) and French.

8 – With regard to “1,2,3, Time”, what is the story behind the song’s title?

The story behind 1, 2, 3 Time is about an ex who I was dating at that point in time and the numbers depicted 3 reasons why me and her she be together. The lyrics were an exact depiction of how I felt about her. I actually was not speaking to her at that time due to some mini disagreement we had and a friend of mine was around and with my producer started playing with the ideas and these ideas were being hummed and in between those hums the lyrics were born.

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9 – Do you have plans to release remixed versions of these dancey tunes?

I am opened to artists out there who have a feel for the song or good following to jump or create a remixed version to give it a different flavor. At the same time, I always believe music has a way of recycling itself so who knows maybe one day soon this would happen.

10 – What can fans expect from Tysu for the rest of 2018?

I have a few singles dropping this year Potentially 3 more videos (3 singles) A Reggae pop, RnB and a slow ballad sound. These I hope will show them 3 different sides of me lyrically, vocally and visually. With it all, I hope current fans, listeners and the ones to come will dance, feel inspired and get some goody vibes from the songs as a whole.



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