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Interview | Questions & Answers With Velvet Code



Velvet Code

I got the chance to interview Velvet Code, an award-winning Canadian artist whose powerful vocal range shines on his latest single “Mary Offered Ladybugs And Love Yous”. The song is taken from the 2019 album ‘Dreamer’, receiving over 100K streams on Spotify. Interestingly, he has collaborated with the one and only, Wendy Starland, responsible for discovering Lady Gaga’s talent in her early days.

Marlon Wurmitzer (real name) reveals he’s taking a different musical direction in the years to come, and much more… You can learn everything about below!

1 — As a Toronto-based artist, what is your favorite aspect from the local scene?

It’s pretty exciting if you are in the west end and have a way of finding out where the cool parties are. It’s quite secretive, so you have to make some friends who will bring you to one and then jump from one party to another. Places in Kensington are always the coolest. It’s a sign of the times, like the 80s, where the cool parties are the ones that are not advertised.

2 — What initially drew you towards Electro-Pop as your music style?

It’s not always Electro-Pop, but this last album was definitely in that direction given my fans were hoping for one like this. I was a big fan of Goldfrapp in 2004 and that drew me to Electro-Pop initially. From there, I grew into my own flavor of the sound.

3 — Musically I think you share a lot of similarities with Erasure and Depeche Mode. Do you agree?

Erasure, yes, but whenever I hear Depeche Mode, I wonder why, as I’m not nearly as dark as they are. I think my use of synths differs from them as well. Perhaps my older material could fall into that category, but I don’t think you’ll find my new upcoming material similar.

4 — Which modern bands or singers currently inspire you?

DJ/Producers are inspiring me these days, as I’m moving more into an EDM world with my new material and performances. Producers like Ben Gold, Calvin Harris, Cosmic Gate, Hardwell, and Dada Life, are in my sets all the time.

5 — The lyrics in your most recent song “Mary Offered Ladybugs And Love Yous” feel so deep. Was it hard to write these verses?

I usually find time alone and immerse myself into the song before writing lyrics. It’s a difficult process, but as long as I find the space and it’s uninterrupted, I’m fine. It took a few weeks.

6 — The music video looks amazing. How many days did it take you to film the visuals?

Two days of filming, but months of planning. A lot of great people were involved in the creation. The team at Route Eleven which won two Juno Awards including for their latest Grimes video, some amazing designers, and my stylist, Marek, for this video who brought those stylists together, Marek. Most notably though, Peter Lilly and Neil Patrick Hansen who orchestrated the shots. I’m grateful for all those who contributed.

7 — Did you choose the location and the concept of this clip?

I was heavily involved in the creation of the concept, yes. The location was chosen by the Route Eleven team.

Velvet Code Interview
8 — How would you describe the feedback from your loyal listeners so far?

My fans which I consider my family, were excited when I came out with my first album in almost 10 years. I wanted to keep it real, while taking things a step further into a new reality, one of hope and aspirations. I look forward to moving deeper into the positive side of things in my next album, as the world needs more of that.

9 — Where do you see Velvet Code’s music headed in the future?

I am experimenting with new sounds now and expect to release new material in early 2020. Progressive, Trance and Electro are what to expect, and I really interesting live show set up. Stay up to date on my Instagram for details on that!

10 — Lastly, if you could offer up one piece of advice that might help new artists, what would it be?

Never quit. As artists, it’s our service, our duty to create and to entertain. Things will get hard, but if you persevere, you will eventually make it.



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