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Interview | Questions & Answers With WNDR



Interview | Questions & Answers With WNDR
is a talented man of few words, however, he let the music speak for itself. I chatted with the 26-year-old Norwegian producer about his new single “Let It Out”, and other basic things that are of special interest to certain electronic music fans. Check it out!

1 – Where are you right now?

Right now I’m currently in Oslo, Norway

2 – Can you tell us something surprising about your music project?

Something surprising… hmm, well I have a surprise and an announcement early next year, that I’m really excited about.

3 – If you had to explain your music to a stranger, what would you say?

I’ve would say it’s a genre-bending style of electronic music, with club music in the center of it all. So basically club music with my own twist.

4 – Why are you really excited about your new single “Let It Out”?

I’m excited about it because it’s the first real collaboration I’ve released. This is actually a track made bridging two different people, working in different genres.

5 – Did Jordan King write the lyrics?

Yes, he wrote the lyrics, while I was in his studio in London.

6 – Have you considered working with female singers in your upcoming singles?

Well, I have recorded a lot of tracks with both females and males, so make sure to look out for them coming soon. My next release might have a female vocalist.

7 – Do you believe all your songs can go into a radio-friendly playlist? Is your music purely commercial?

Hahaha, My music isn’t commercial at all where I’m from, but I’ve believed that it’s appealing in other places in the world. I really don’t see my music as commercial, but it could be definitely.

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8 – What’s the best remix you have produced so far? Why?

Best remix would be “Higher” By Lemaitre, I just like the overall track a lot. The energy in the track is something I really like.

9 – How do you take care of your frizzy hair?

Hahaha, my frizzy hair is taken care of by really good hairstylists, wouldn’t manage it without them!

10 – What music album changed your view on music?

Actually kinda embarrassed to say, but I don’t listen to a lot of albums. But one album I really like, because of the story behind it, is “Everything” by Lido.



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