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Interview | Questions & Answers With YOVANNI



If you haven’t watched the “Breathe” music video yet, it’s time to do it! Singer-Songwriter YOVANNI opts for haunting black and white visuals that match with his expressive lyricism. Below, in an exclusive interview, you can discover more about the Miami-based artist and his new single.

1 — Hello YOVANNI, how many years have you been active in the music industry?

Hello Modern Citizens. Thanks for taking the time to learn about my musical world. I have been in the music business for over 20 years! I have been both an artist and a Production Manager for other labels. It has been such a journey to experience the changes that the music industry has gone through. I was around where people still shopped around cassette tapes and now is nothing but a link on your computer. I love it! So much more simple and mainstream for everyone. Now we all have a chance to shine. There is an audience for everyone.

2 — Can you describe your music for people who might not be as familiar with you?

Whenever I meet anyone and they ask me what kind of music I make, I tell them that it is a stew of pop, rock, funk, and electronica. I am a mix of George Michael, Madonna, Celine Dion, and Freddy Mercury. I was raised in musical theater but rebelled and decided to pursue pop rock music so that I could sing my own songs.

3 — Did someone in your life encourages you to become an artist?

I grew up in the 80’s where music and entertainment were breaking into the mainstream market. MTV made it possible for me to learn about music through icons such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and George Michael. These three artists were my main dish all day long. I listened to music on my walkman wherever I was. Even in class I would sit in the back of the room and just listened to my music while the teacher was not even paying attention. I loved the sounds and the imagery that came out of the 80’s generation.

4 — Are Madonna, George Michael, and Adam Lambert still your main influences? If so, why?

Madonna and George Michael have always been my number one teachers and as I grew up there became few recording artists that even captured my interest until Adam Lambert sang “Ring Of Fire” on American Idol. It is very hard to impress me. I do look forward to seeing who else is gonna be able to make get into the groove. One thing I love about music is that it is always evolving and now there are so many choices on the menu to taste.

yovanni breathe
5 – What is your new single “Breathe” really about?

My new single “Breathe” is about taking a moment out of the chaos of your life and realizing that if you try to calm the chatter in your mind, everything will be ok and yesterday was nothing but a cloud. We all have daily struggles in our personal lives. We all cry and laugh. After every storm, cities rebuild and lessons are learned. “Breathe” for me represents moments in my personal life and the life of people I have met on my journey here on earth.

6 — What locations were considered for this music video?

The “Breathe” music video is a production where the only location to consider was my bedroom. I am healing from a leg injury that left me unable to walk or go outside for months. I had to get creative, so I built a set in my bedroom that represented a church. I used my mom’s old saints and statues and filmed myself. The other scenes of other people were created using licensed stock footage. For example, there are a couple of scenes dealing with suicide. That was something that I had to go through with an ex who tried to kill himself in front of me. Other scenes represented moments in my life, like the time when I was homeless for a brief moment. I had to make sure that the scenes in the video represented issues that we all have to deal with.

7 — After watching this clip, I can assume you are fan of film-noir style movies? Is that correct?

While I was in the studio recording the music for “Breathe” I already had a vision of the style of video I wanted to produce. I loved the BW Film Noir style because there is such a range of emotions when you combine classic lighting and shadows. Film Noir represents a mood of melancholy that the song expresses. If you watch a classic film from the early days, you see such a beautiful emotion being portrayed in shadow and light. I really wanted to haunting sounds of the song “Breathe” to look like a classic BW movie.

8 – Have you considered remixes for your latest single “Breathe”?

I am and will always have dance music in my blood! I really enjoy working with DJ’s who are also producers that can re-create a song into a hot groove to dance to on the dance floor. I come from the EDM world. There are new amazing remixes that are now available worldwide of “Breathe”. My manager Nelson “Trigga” Martinez is great friends with legendary DJ Producers such as Bimbo Jones, Dark Intensity and the Klubjumpers. The clubs are now able to have an anthem that they can groove to on the dance floors thanks to all the Dj’s who are spinning the remixes!

9 — What can we expect from YOVANNI in the upcoming months?

The next upcoming months for me are really gonna be very important to my personal and artistic growth! I have been finalizing final production on my next single and I really wanna start giving birth to my next child. There is a huge catalog of music that I recorded last year and I am really aiming to move forward in my life and release my stories for all the modern citizens who are willing to listen and welcome me as an artist in this crazy game of life.

10 — Finally, do you have a favorite place to write lyrics?

I can write lyrics anywhere but if I had to choose a favorite place, it would be in the studio. I really like being in a studio environment. I enjoy jamming with other musicians or just listening to a musical score that I can have a conversation with and write a story to sounds. But I have to feel inspired and I always gotta try to find a personal connection either if I am writing for myself or other singers.



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Diego Druck Reveals What Listeners Can Expect From “A Different Way”



Diego Druck
Get to know Diego Druck, a talented EDM artist who discovered his passion for music at age 14 and has since channeled his eclectic influences into his productions, including remixes for Major Lazer and SUPER-Hi. He has just released his new single “A Different Way, all details are revealed in this interview!

1 — How would you describe your sound and how has it evolved over time?

I’m an extremely eclectic guy, so in my productions, I always try to bring inspiration from all kinds of music genres and masterpieces that shaped my music taste throughout my life.

2 — When did you realize you wanted to turn music into a career?

At age 14 I went to my first EDM festival and got to see first hand Vintage Culture playing a set while the crowd went crazy happy. At that moment I realized what I wanted to do with my life.

3 — Can you talk about the experience of remixing for artists like Major Lazer and SUPER-Hi?

It was unbelievable for me when I first found out I would have a chance to submit a remix for both of them. Even more when they got approved. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity of working with these icons and share a track with them. Both of them are huge inspirations for me.

4 — What is the inspiration behind your recent song “A Different Way”?

At the time I first wrote the song with my guitar, I was going through some internal conflicts about some decisions and my life paths. “A Different Way” is a reflection of myself.

5 — What steps did you take when producing it?

It started as a Jazz-like sound on my guitar, and I kinda free-styled the lyrics on it. Later on I passed it to my DAW and started building a House beat behind it, then recorded all the vocals and guitar sounds over it. Fun fact: the acoustic guitar used for the riff fill was the guitar my father got from his father when he was only 5 years old.

6 — How do you hope listeners will respond to this tune?

I hope everyone can assimilate what I was feeling and inspire reflections about themselves. I guess everyone has these kinds of thoughts about their own life choices.

7 — Is there a formula to gain a million streams?

Just try to do music just like you would love to hear!

8 — Are you already working on upcoming projects?

Not only working but there are several tracks ready to go for the next months, originals and remixes. Stay tuned!

9 — How did Florianopolis shape your music?

The EDM and clubbing scene is very strong in my city. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to experience it from a young age, and it has opened many opportunities for learning and expanding my musical background ever since.

10 — Musically speaking, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Just as I am now, learning and exploring the infinite universe of musical possibilities.



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Beth Crowley: From Books To Music — A Revealing Interview



Beth Crowley Interview

In this revealing interview, Beth Crowley shares insights into her creative process, the challenges she faces as an artist, and her passion for books and reading. Get ready to dive into the mind of this talented woman and find out what makes her music unique.

1 — Can you tell us about your new single “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” and how it relates to the book of the same name?

“The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” is based on the book The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab, which is about a woman who makes a bargain with the devil where she will get to live forever, but the catch is that no one she meets will remember her. It’s such an interesting premise for a story — how much of life’s enjoyment comes from the people around you who love you? For the song, I wanted to capture how sad and haunting it would be to know that you can’t truly make an impact on the world. I tried to take some themes from the book so that people who have read it will know the “easter eggs” in the song, but it’s not so specific that people who haven’t read it wouldn’t enjoy it.

2 — What makes this composition worth listening to?

I am always proudest of my lyrics. It’s such a careful and painstaking process to craft the exact right lyrics, so I hope that alone makes “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” worth listening to.

3 — Is there any specific book or author that has had a significant impact on your music?

I don’t think my first book-based song “Warrior” would have taken off like it did if it weren’t for Cassandra Clare (the author of the books it was based on) being incredibly kind and supportive not only when it came out but in the years since. I will always be grateful to her for that.

4 — What would be the title of your life story if it was a book?

Well, This Has Been Unexpected.

5 — Your tunes are often described as emotional piano ballads with cinematic elements. Are you open to experimenting with different sounds in the future?

Absolutely! I don’t think I have painted myself into a corner throughout the years with only having one “sound”— I have had songs that are a little more Rock, musical theatre, or even Country. Doing the same thing over and over again is boring, and I don’t ever want my music to get too predictable.

6 — “Warrior” is your most popular track to date, and it has been streamed over 16 million times on Spotify. What do you believe to be the key factors that contributed to this achievement?

Like I said earlier, Cassandra Clare sharing the song and being so supportive is a huge factor in that. But I also think “Warrior” just resonated with people. It’s about realizing that you are stronger than you think you are, which is something we not only see in tons of different characters through books/movie/television, but something people relate to within themselves as well.

The Ghost Who Is Still Alive Beth Crowley Interview
7 — How do you know when a song is finished and ready to be released?

I hate to be vague and say that it’s just a feeling I get, but it really is. When I am writing a song, sometimes I’ll finish a full set of lyrics and just sit with it for a while to see if it still feels right. But sometimes I immediately know it’s done. When I am in the studio, my producer Daniel and I will usually get to a point where we think it might be ready, then listen all the way through one more time just to make sure. It really does just boil down to a “feeling” though.

8 — What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in your artistic career?

I think my biggest struggle has been trying to not take numbers and social media algorithms too personally. No one really knows how the algorithms work, which can be frustrating when it feels like they control if people are going to hear your music or not. When the algorithms don’t work in your favor and a song doesn’t do as well as you hoped, it’s easy to feel like it’s a failure even if the people who do hear it have good things to say about it. I have to remind myself that I can only do so much and just keep putting out music that I am proud of.

9 — When not working on new music, what other hobbies does Beth Crowley enjoy?

Unsurprisingly, I love reading. There is something really therapeutic about listening to an audiobook while doing a jigsaw puzzle, so I do that pretty often. I host trivia once a week at a bar, which I love. And I spend a lot of time with my family.

10 — Finally, can you reveal details about your upcoming projects?

“The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” is the first single from my upcoming album ‘Unabridged,’ which is going to be all book-based songs. I am really looking forward to seeing people’s reactions when I reveal which books I chose to write songs about, and I have some really great videos and other fun things to go along with them. It’s going to be a lot of fun.



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More To Discover: Additional Insights Into Rubayne’s EP ‘Connections’



Rubayne Connections
Don’t miss out on rising artist Rubayne’s new EP ‘Connections,’ a blend of genres he calls Bass Pop exploring the ups and downs of love. With a special live performance airing on February 24th and music videos planned, it’s an EP not to be missed. Read the interview to learn more.

1 — What is the main theme you explore in your new EP ‘Connections’?

The EP is a set of eclectic love stories that are connected to each other. Throughout the EP, you will discover the feeling of falling in love, being in love, and holding on to love in the toughest time.

2 — Is there any special meaning behind its title?

There are multiple. Firstly, the titles of the songs relate to each other. In addition, I made a stronger connection with my music by involving myself in the songwriting as well.

3 — Did you collaborate with other artists or producers on this project?

Yes. There are a couple of great singers involved with ‘Connections’! Some new, some I do know from the start. I must give credit and big ups to Romy Dya, Yunnee, EthanUno, and Ansaly for their amazing work.

4 — How did you go about crafting the overall sound and style?

The approach for creating ‘Connections’ was different in comparison to my regular creative approach. With each project, I first focused on selecting a main instrument that would characterize the song. Unattainable has the guitar, “Connections” has the bass, and “In Love Tonight” has the piano. After the main instrument and its melody, I would carve out the full production.

5 — Did you have any specific genre in mind while producing this material?

I had not, but I focused on having a blend of genres that I and the love theme associate with. I would say this blend of genres can be best described as Bass Pop.

6 — Is there a particular track on the EP that you have a special connection with?

Nope! They are equally special to me and as they complement each other, I feel that I have a special connection with the project as a whole.

7 — Are there any things you wish you had done differently?

When it comes to the EP, there’s nothing I wish I had done differently.

8 — In what ways do you think your songs will resonate with listeners?

I think this project, as well as other songs I have made, encourages its listeners to open up and acknowledge their feelings. I hope my music provides the listeners with a better understanding of themselves.

9 — Have you ever considered creating a music video for any of these news tracks?

I did! I feel like each of the songs has a visual story to tell. However, I have prepared something special for this EP which is visually pleasing as well.

10 — Is there anything else you would like to share about the EP that we haven’t covered in this interview?

To celebrate the release of  ‘Connections,’ I recorded a live performance of the EP with all the vocalists and an amazing guitarist (Rob). It will air on February 24th and you can get notified here.



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