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Interview | Questions And Answers With Zebulon



Interview | Questions And Answers With Zebulon

Up-and-coming music producer, Zebulon is living his life to the fullest in Los Angeles, California. Art is in his veins and after DJing for some time, he decided to start making his own music. Well, one of his best Dubstep tracks is “Take Us There”, which received a lot of positive feedback on social media. On this occasion, it was a pleasure to meet and interview this creative mind!

1 – Where did this love for music begin?

Well, I’ve always had a passion for music, but I never really realized it until I was around 12. Up until then, I would just jam on a keyboard or piano every couple of nights and think I was just doing it for fun. I didn’t really know that music was even a thing that was made at that point. Which is funny, since my dad’s job was a producer. Then my dad showed me how to use this program Sony Acid Pro. It was a godsend, and I used it all the time. Just throwing together loops, bouncing them out with cheesy names, and burning them onto my own CD under my very first alias “Blasting Music. Then, a few years later, my friend showed me Skrillex – First Of The Year and Equinox. And some kind of spark hit me, as I instantly fell in love with the genre. I began DJing, and collecting piles of mp3’s and creating playlists and mixes. Skip forward 2 years, I got tired of people dancing to music that wasn’t mine, so I took on the journey of producing

2 – What would you say is essential for a producer to be successful in this competitive industry?

Consistency. Whether it’s in producing, learning, or releasing, or even marketing and promoting yourself. You need to be consistent in your practice. For the first 6 months of producing, I was in the studio every single day. I didn’t go out, and usually didn’t even eat dinner. I just practiced and practiced. Now, because of that hard work and consistency, I don’t have to be that crazy about it, and I can relax and have fun. But I know many producers personally that have been producing for 3 years, but collectively, only one of those 3 years has been spent not producing. If you’re a new producer wondering what the fastest way to increase your production skills, practice. Make at least one song a day. If you can’t one day, jam out melodies in your head, or play finger drums on a hard surface just to keep the creativity flowing.

3 – What was the very first music gear that you laid your hands on?

My Numark Mixtrack Pro II hahaha. You wouldn’t believe me, but I still have and use it. In fact, I use it as a makeshift interface.

4 – Is your family supportive?

Very. They’re all creative themselves too. My dad produces, my mom paints, my sister draws, and my brother plays guitar. They’re all really good too.

5 – How would you describe the sound of your newest track “Take Us There”?

Me I guess hahaha. The thing about how I produce, is I’m rarely ever trying to create a certain sound. I just start and see where my thoughts take me. The chorus is supposed to be like the journey, and the drop is the destination if that makes any sense. In the into, the pad and synths are powering up. I don’t know if this is obvious or isn’t, but the artwork is designed to look like some kind of alien or interdimensional ship soaring over some kind of void.

6 – Who do you think are the best Dubstep producers of the world? Have you ever remixed a popular track?

I’m really into a lot of underground producers. Be on the lookout for Sub Urban, False Noise, Verzache, Nogger, Azles, Nasko, and PhaseOne. If they count as underground. I also really like Getter, Virtual Riot, Culprate, The Frim, and San Holo. I’ve never really remixed a popular track before, but I might sometime in the future if I like the popular track and have ideas for it

7 – Which one is your favorite music platform, Spotify or SoundCloud? Why?

For posting and following, SoundCloud. It’s simpler, and I just know it better. But for everything else, Spotify or Apple music. The fact is that SoundCloud dominates the producer market and Spotify and iTunes dominates the consumer market. So if you want to get your music out to consumers, you need to grow a Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube account.

8 – Is there a particular type of music you won’t play at clubs?

I don’t really like Country or Rock. The only old school genre I really love is Hip-Hop. I appreciate every genre of music, just personally don’t like it. Electronic wise though, I’ll play pretty much everything, depending on the energy of the crowd.

9 – Can you share an anecdote about your early days as a DJ?

All of my DJ days were an anecdote honestly. I remember googling “Top 10 best Dubstep” and going through blogs and downloading every song I saw. I used to play mini shows at my parent’s old restaurant, so that was always funny. Surprisingly I worked very hard on my transitions so that wasn’t very cringing, but it was the fact that I just sat and stared down at the computer and mixer and never once looked around at people or their reactions, or used the mic at all. I always wanted to be in a booth away from everyone, playing music.

10 – What can fans be expecting from your future releases?

Some very unexpected stuff to say the least. I’m really excited, and you guys have no idea what’s coming next. But what I can say, is you guys can expect to hear a lot of very different stuff coming in the near future, and I hope it blows you all away.



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