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Interview | Questions & Answers With Läzro & Travis Gibb



Interview | Questions & Answers With Läzro & Travis Gibb

Miami-based production duo Läzro and Travis Gibb share a point in common, both of them come from a musical family. Surely enough, they have a natural talent in their DNA for creating catchy tracks. Well, their newest single “Take Me Home” is ready to cause a stir on the world wide web, check out this interesting interview and learn more about it!

1  — How did this collaboration come about?

The Regency & Global Heist Recording pitched an existing top-line to Travis and me, which was written and sung by Kyra B. We’ve collaborated with The Regency & Global Heist before on a track that was pretty similar in tempo and vibe. With “Take Me Home,” Travis and I (Laz) just brought out the strength in the song’s melody and chose some of its key features like the plucks, the vocal elements and the beat to emphasize.

2  — We’re enjoying the tropical & chill vibes of “Take Me Home”. Did you intentionally produce a track for the spring & summer months ahead?

We are always trying to look ahead and stay in front of the trends, however on this one – we just did what felt right with the song. The groove and vibe of the instruments were already saying sand and water, we just added a little sunshine and waves. We feel it also worked great contrasting the message of the song which is a pretty serious matter affecting many lives right now. Also, releasing this completely on an independent level, free from major label oversight – keeps us honest (motivated) when trying to stay ahead of trends or starting them.

3  — How do you interpret the lyrics? Who wrote them?

Kyra B wrote the lyrics. It’s pretty straightforward. Basically, its Kyra’s reaction to the hashtag (#MeToo) movement. There really aren’t many changing verses.. part of our job, I feel, was to make it seem as if there were more verses by keeping the vibe interesting. I love how it touches on the “I am in control” theme, that’s been developing recently, and done in a musical and indirect manner. With lines like “You Don’t have The Right,” or “Turn Around & Take Me Home,” a clear and empowering message sung with amazing tonal clarity by Kyra B, it’s a track that’s hard to ignore. Musically, the hook is right there, and the fun, uptempo and tropical beat, keeps the message from being too preachy or heavy on the listener.

4  — Did you work remotely or at the studio with Kyra B on vocals?

Lyrics were written remotely by Kyra B at a different studio in a different state.

Kyra B
5  — What’s the feedback highlight you have received so far about “Take Me Home”?

A young 8-year-old and her mother of 50 both reacting to the song in a very empowering way. They both kind of stared at each other and silently gave a nod as if they both were going through different events in their lives acknowledging the lyrics related to whatever it is they were going through. I didn’t pry and ask what it was, I just knew they both had a self-realization moment right then and there and that was pretty cool to me.

6  — Will you also release a remix package for this single?

Yes, we will be.

7  — What has influenced your music styles so far?

I (Laz) grew up listening to metal because of my friends. Working for Desmond Child as a studio musician at times taught me I was playing way too many notes and how to craft a song. The Bee Gees taught me Harmony and also how to craft songs relating to the masses. Nashville taught me great songwriting, Americana roots, and Country living. Miami taught me Bass and Dance. I feel I’m a product of all of those experiences and elements mixed together. Travis has an equally diverse background, and of course a bloodline to some of the worlds most famous music/songs.

8  — Do you collectively follow music trends, or make your own path?

When the songs are written, we do our best to fit it in whatever genre the song calls for. If the lyrics are taking about dirt roads, rusted trucks and whiskey, we are going to aim more southern but since we enjoy having fun in the studio, we’ll add big rock guitars and huge drums to it regardless of it being in trend or not. We might even throw in some 808’s in there. We write and produce what we love to hear and get inspired by.

9  — Are there any plans for new collaborative singles or an EP in the future?

I sure hope so. An EP would be cool, but that’s up to the label.

10  — Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share?

Yes, that my heart goes out to anyone who has been affected by sexual harassment and also to the families and loved ones of the shooting victims involved in these awful events we are unfortunately witnessing.



Travis Gibb

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