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Interview with James Moore, CEO of Independent Music Promotions



Interview with James Moore, CEO of Independent Music Promotions
James Moore
is the CEO & Founder of Independent Music Promotions, an important music firm dedicated to promote  underground artists. He is well recognised in the music industry, and I was honored to have the opportunity to know more about his work. The interview below is very interesting, please read it!

1 – How did you get started in PR?

It was a negative motivator. As a musician myself, I was ripped off by a PR company who delivered me 3 reviews for an album I was very proud of. I turned around and landed over 70 features for the same release. This inspired me to go into competition with them and make a change in PR. Something that would be in line with my ethics and musical passions, and something that artists could feel good about and trust. Now I feel I’ve achieved that. And I also feel like I.M.P is now more established than the company who delivered low results for me. It’s come full circle!

2 – What makes your PR music firm unique?

Quite a few things, but the main ones are:

a) Our niche is “music with depth”. This comes out of my own musical tastes. If you’re a Nickelback copycat or an Idol contestant trying to sound like Selena Gomez, we’re not the place for you. I love underground music and that’s what I grew up on. It has to have soul.

b) We’re the only guaranteed PR firm as far as I know. We guarantee our press results or else a full refund will be given. So, there
is NEVER a scenario where our artists don’t get high amounts of press. From what I’ve heard from musicians, this is quite rare.

c) We say no. Many artists approach us, but if the music is mundane or chauvinistic, we say no. We have to believe in the music, and the people, that we work with.

3 – Where is it located? How can we contact you?

I run this business from home. It’s important to keep costs down in order to ensure maximum results for our artists. You can contact us at

4 – Do you work with international artists?

Yes, we work with artists from all corners of the globe.

5 – What does the short phrase “music with depth” mean to you?

It has a wide meaning, but to me it’s about honesty. Do you have something to say? If you’re just trying to get famous and your music is all about hanging out in a club, that doesn’t inspire me. I want something to challenge me, to move me, to speak to me on a deep level as a human being. Everyone has the potential to do that. If you choose not to do that you’re doing people a disservice.

6 – How do you describe underground and mainstream music?

There’s nothing wrong with mainstream music inherently. Great songs are great songs. Often, though, songs that are crafted specifically to cater to the radio have a homogenized sound that just feels transparent. What I see as underground music is music that doesn’t give a damn about hitting the mainstream. It’s music that is honest to itself; the artist singing what their soul wants to sing – period. This is the purest music and I don’t think anyone can argue that.

7 – Do you prefer to work with underground artists? Why?

What I said in the previous answer sums this up. It has to be pure or I just can’t respect it. Music means a lot to me so I don’t like to see people creating something corny with it!

8 – What’s a recent success campaign you are proud of?

I recently worked with Delta Deep, Phil Collen of Def Leppard’s new Blues band, and that was a real thrill. We’re also working with Tomas Doncker on his extremely potent new album “This Mess We Made” that I would highly recommend.

9 – Is it possible today to promote music on a low budget?

That’s a tough one. Sure, on one hand, there is the possibility. That being said, it’s not really possible to tackle even a hobby on a very low budget. For artists who want to get somewhere without investing I’d say this. What if you decided to take up snowboarding? How about martial arts? Even for hobbies, it costs hundreds, thousands of dollars to jump in. And if you want to potentially take something past the point of being just a hobby, you need to invest.

10 – Why we must read your marketing book series “Your Band Is A Virus”?

It contains my knowledge of music marketing up until the point when I wrote it in late 2012. I’d recommend it as a major attitude shifter and I would think there’s a lot of counter intuitive points that are helpful to any musician.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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