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David Hasselhoff Becomes A DJ In Ibiza-Based Musical



David Hasselhoff Becomes A DJ In Ibiza-Based Musical
David Hasselhoff
has taken on a new role in a musical based in Ibiza. The play is about a DJ who has to deal with his daughter coming back into his life, falling in love, and having a bad drug experience all while keeping the music going strong. It’s not a big Broadway production, but a smaller one that’s off-Off Broadway.

The musical Last Night A DJ Saved My Life has a name that fits well with its plot, but apparently, it’s not very good. It’s set in the late 80s and has a lot of neon and weirdness, kind of like if Deadmau5 made a version of Trainspotting. There are also jokes about the main character’s ex-wife that are old and not very funny.

If you really want to see this musical, you have to live in the UK.

By Erick Ycaza

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