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Brandon Coleman’s ‘Champagne’ Album Will Quickly Catch Your Ears!



Brandon Coleman - Champagne
Independent artist Brandon Coleman is creating a distinctive place for himself in the industry. With the release of his recent album, ‘Champagne, he takes a 180-degree turn in relation to his musical direction. Right from the start, you will notice an exceptional job on each of the 10 tracks as he embraces a unique urban-esque sound.

Most of them are Pop/RnB love songs with interesting lyrics to treat your audible senses. Just like its title suggests, this album is also a perfect addition for a romantic date night. Actually, he churns out the essence of passion, making your intimate moments with your lover so much more special.

For this purpose, I would recommend songs that speak the words your heart keeps in its interior such as “One More Time,” “Shawty,” and “B.A.B.Y.”

Hailing from California’s Bay Area, Brandon Coleman makes sure ‘Champagne’ soars in creative diversity due to the different collaborations that contributed to this project. Having said that, it’s so refreshing to hear the dynamic vocal performances by Vibe Tyson, Qskii, and Cam James. No matter what genre you’re into, there’s always something for all tastes.

It goes without saying, this material is catchier than its predecessor, ‘Promise,’ launched in 2018.

Explore today the new album’s soulful rhythm and its contemporary appeal in under 30 minutes. On the whole, breathtaking vibes await you…



By Erick Ycaza

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