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JARR Head’s “Unbeatable” Leads The Way In Progressive Trance



progressive trance
is setting the standard for top-notch Progressive Trance music. Specifically, one of his recent tracks titled “Unbeatable” will leave you ecstatic in no time.

And it doesn’t matter where you listen to it, you’ll practically revive that hardcore party animal inside you!

JARR Head’s Progressive Trance Odyssey

Even though JARR Head is an independent producer who’s just taking the reins of his music career, I dare say he’s ahead of other artists. It’s all because constant practice leads to perfection, and his Progressive Trance music shows the world the infinite possibilities of being creative with this specific style.

From the transitions to the sound effects, “Unbeatable” is all about that pulsating rhythm that gets your heart pumping. With short and repetitive vocal snippets, the background melody gradually grows and intensifies, achieving its goal of giving you a satisfying dose of escapism.

The sound design is anything but boring. Indeed, it’s super dynamic. Without getting too technical, all the sonic elements together hook you in, no doubt about it.


Let Your Feet Rejoice

Robert Campbell, aka JARR Head, doesn’t limit himself to just Progressive Trance. On the contrary, his versatility and curiosity for electronic music have led him to experiment with other genres like Techno and House.

If you dig “Unbeatable,” you can learn more about this artist’s life in this exclusive interview. For now, I’m convinced he’s got all the tools to lead the Progressive Trance music scene from here on out.

Not to mention, just by listening to it, you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride because he knows how to build up that energy layer by layer. Besides, with its endless rhythm, I can’t even imagine how happy your feet will be…

“Unbeatable” is available on all digital streaming platforms via DistroKid.



By Erick Ycaza

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