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Electro-Pop Duo Empire Of The Sun’s Jaw-Dropping Comeback!



Electro-Pop duo Empire Of The Sun is finally making a comeback after eight long years of silence. Their new album, ‘Ask That God,’ is dropping on July 26th, but here’s the striking music video for their newest single, “Music On The Radio. Watch until the end.

A Surreal Musical Adventure Awaits

These talented dudes from Australia are promising a holistic musical adventure where reality and imagination become one, and the surreal takes over.

With this in mind, the Electro-Pop duo explores the self and the outside world. So far, I know the upcoming album represents the greatest shift in consciousness, and this is reflected in the new tracks too.

Electro-Pop duo
‘Ask That God’ is exactly what Empire Of The Sun had in mind to release for ages. Even last year, they, along with their side project PNAU, brought you happiness when they premiered their surprising hit “AEIOU.

Moreover, with this preview of “Music On The Radio,” I can confidently say that you’re being blessed with their trippy sounds and that unique originality that characterizes them.

Hypnotic and Fun

“Music On The Radio,” arrives as the second single and the concept of the visuals seems to be all about jumping into some new dimension portal thingy. Basically, it’s a whole different reality than what you’re used to, however, it looks like a ton of fun.

On the other hand, the theme of “Music On The Radio” is all about the rebelliousness that young folks encounter when dealing with emotions and imagination. And let me tell you, the beats in this song are seriously hypnotic!

Music On The Radio
In conclusion, Empire Of The Sun never fails to please our ears. Their music garners admiration worldwide, and it’s no shocker.

In short, they really know how to bring the good vibes.



By Erick Ycaza

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