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JLuna: New Album ‘Colonization’ Has Techno Music




JLuna: New Album 'Colonization' Has Techno Music
Who is JLuna?

JLuna comes from a planet called “Ganymede” on a different star. His planet was lost after it got too close to the center of the milky way galaxy, which holds a massive black hole. Its a mystery what happens at such close distance to a black hole, this is why many of his specie escaped the planet as soon as possible. Before JLuna left his planet, the black hole gave him a glimpse of the future of this galaxy. JLuna was lost for a time and found earth, a young planet full of life. He is here to spread the message about the future of this galaxy through his music.

About his new album ‘Colonization’…

Arriving from another star, JLuna released yesterday his new Electronica album ‘Colonization’. It contains Hard Techno and Electro rhythms from some far-away planet that will make you dance all night long! I’m loving the cybernetic vocoders and the futuristic concept of the album. JLuna is definitely another masked DJ with a lot of creativity and originality. Listen to a preview of ‘Colonization’ below:

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