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John Lynx’s Electronic Anthem Motivates You To Believe In Your “Dreams”



electronic anthem "Dreams" by John Lynx
John Lynx
is no stranger to producing euphoric basslines and emotional-filled masterpieces. With that in mind, the Chicagoan producer joins forces with Sergi Yaro to blow up the speakers once again. Effectively, “Dreams” is the kind of pop-centric EDM paired with excellent vocal hooks that help you stay motivated. If you think pursuing one’s dreams is important and necessary in life, then this new electronic anthem will move your soul to the highest vibration level.

The Tiesto and Armin van Buuren’s influence is notable on “Dreams” but it truly stands alone with its solid soundscape. Additionally, listeners can feel the striking climax right when the beats drop. As well as the magma of vibrant melodies that fades into the background of this electronic anthem. All in all, these sonic elements are there with the aim of energizing your mind and your will to build a better future. With a growing fanbase over the last 10 years, John Lynx finally dares to empower other creative musicians to do everything they can in order to achieve their goals, visions, and plans.

«Inspiration for “Dreams” is to never give up on them. There have been many times in my life I have been turned down to DJ or getting my music signed. I never gave up on those dreams, and now it’s become a reality. I am very happy I never quit.» – John Lynx



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