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Kelis – Flesh Tone [REVIEW]




There’s no doubt Kelis‘Flesh Tone’ was the best album of 2010, even though she didn´t get a Grammy for this excellent work. Last year we were all impressed with her new musical direction on this record because she has always been a Hip Hop artist for years. “Flesh Tone” is a mixture of electronic sounds, believe it or not, Kelis transformed her garage into a music studio, which later she named it Casa de Kelis.

Another great thing to mention about this album is that Kelis collaborated with top DJs and producers of the world (, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Tocadisco, Burns, Free School, DJ Ammo, Boys Noize, etc.) and she recorded all her songs while she was pregnant of her first child. Kelis created this album with love and she was motivated by her motherhood state, that´s why this album is so special. The only thing I didn´t like about the album was the number of tracks. “Flesh Tone” is really amazing and I encourage you to buy it, but 9 tracks aren´t enough to have fun.

Intro The first track is a short introduction to an Italo Disco sound, a song without an original name.

22nd Century A fantastic track produced by Boys Noize, its futuristic lyrics welcome you to the 22nd century, a brave new world where everybody´s dancin´. I don´t understand why this wasn´t a promotional single, it´s definitely one of the best songs on the album.

4th of July (Fireworks) Kelis´ high energy vocals + the piano melody will make you go high!

Home Simply amazing! this song reminds me of the lesbian duo t.A.T.u.

Acapella Produced by David Guetta, it became an instant worldwide hit, on this song Kelis sings very well like never before.

Scream Another track produced by Guetta, but this was my least favorite track on the album because it sounds like a total mess. However, it´s pretty danceable in some parts of the song.

Emancipate My favorite track of “Flesh Tone”, it´s totally addictive and this will make you dance all night long. I also feel identified with the lyrics, because my goal in life is to achieve my own emancipation. This tune was produced by Benny Benassi.

Brave You will love the ElectroTech sound of this song, the second track produced by Benassi, and the fourth promotional single of “Flesh Tone”.

Song For The Baby A song influenced by House music of the early 2000s, a lovely tune that talks about motherhood.



By Erick Ycaza

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