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Kenzani Interview 2016



Electro House DJ/Producer Kenzani was raised in the Caribbean, he is of Indian origin so there is a lot of fusion in his music. Kenzani enjoys producing commercial EDM music and his influences are Avicii, Dillon Francis & Knife Party. The talented artist is now promoting his first single “Dark Spark’ has currently been recently released on iTunes & all major stores. Please read the interview below!

1 – Is it true you have lived in different continents?

I was lucky enough to grow up moving across the world: Mauritius, The Caribbean & India. That gave me a lot of the exposure which helped me refine my music sense.

2 – Where did the name Kenzani come from?

It’s the fusion of my first and last name. Ke- comes from Kedar. Ani- comes from Santwani.

3 – How did you become involved in electronic dance music?

While I was growing up, electronic dance music wasn’t as huge as it is today. Electronic dance music always excited me, made me feel more alive & gave me energy.

4 – Do you have a preference DJing or producing?

I love dropping bass-thumping sets every now and then. The energy and enthusiasm in the crowd always motivates me to refine my sets even more. But producing is something that I absolutely love. It is beautiful to be spontaneous and draw a song straight out of your imagination.

5 – What inspired you to produce your first single “Dark Spark”?

A lot of hits and misses went into making this single. I’m a sucker for hard hitting club tracks. I wanted to make something uplifting yet use strong synths to add definition.

6 – How would you describe your sound?

Raw, melodic & emotional because, what is a song without emotion?…

7 – When you get time, what do you do to relax?

An ideal day of relaxing would be sleeping the entire day but I have to hustle for even 6 hours of sleep. I’m big into cross-fit training & dancing. Anything that makes you feel alive.

8 – What does the future hold for Kenzani as a producer?

I would like the future to have some plans on getting me signed by a substantial record label so I have more opportunities to work with talented artists. As for the near future, I will be releasing a new EP with some new work soon!

9 – Do you think artists should give their music away for free?

It all depends on the work. If the artist feels that he can give away his specific track for free, then why not?. However, if an artist spends weeks or even months on his work, he’s gonna have to get his creation/mixing/mastering/other costs + all the hours of work time that went into making the track paid for.

10 – Where can we download your DJ sets?

You can stay updated for my latest mixes & tracks on and

By Erick Ycaza

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