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KIDSWASTE’s New Single From Sophomore EP ‘Colors Of Your Heart’



is ready to kick off a headlining tour across North America in August. Meanwhile, he’s building hype around his upcoming EP, ‘Colors Of Your Heart.’

With “Waves, cutting-edge electronic music envisages a good signal for what’s to come.

Behind the limelight, comes his contemporary approach to production and technique. Without mentioning his modern-day melodies and his introspective songwriting style also make a major impact.

By the time you interpret the lyrics, “Waves” is the representation of fighting against the odds despite moving with the flow. On the other hand, this track went through countless revisions and edits.

Happily, the results speak for themselves. Give it a listen right here.

Surprisingly, Quentin Beauvois aka KIDSWASTE went from being an underground bedroom producer to gaining popularity in the mainstream audience. To a great degree, his debut single “Underwater” garnered 2 million streams, followed by a wildly successful EP back in 2017, titled ‘Spleen.’

Currently, he is proud of a mature, powerful, and refined sound design. Likewise, he demonstrates that the alternative side of EDM has more meaning than the stereotypical releases you are used to hear often.

Taking this into account, it has become evident the French artist is ushering in a new era of music thanks to his endless creativity.



By Erick Ycaza

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