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Late Nite Music Club Launches Their 1st Kickstarter Campaign



After A Very Successful Year, Late Nite Music Club Launches Their First Kickstarter Campaign
Late Nite Music Club
is a YouTube channel that started as a way for local musicians to come together, make music videos, and help each other by being able to share and exchange their collective fan bases and resources. However, it grew much faster and had much more of an impact than the founders expected. In only one year the show has received over a quarter of a million views on YouTube, featured over 50 bands from almost a dozen different countries, and has been featured on top 500 sites like Crooks & Liars.

Late Nite Music Club is the brainchild of Ryan Pressman, a Los Angeles native who grew up loving music. No, he REALLY loved music. Morning, noon, and night; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, music was his passion. Private music lessons, high school bands, and then a college degree in music. He even interned for a well-known boy band just for the experience! After graduating from the local music program at CSUN College in Northridge, California, and as he continued trying to work in the music business, he could see a disparity between truly talented artists and those who were reaching success. Some so many talented artists could never get a shot to build their fan base and who could never get heard because the money in music was gone? Rather than courting lots of new artists, the music business decided instead to stick to the artists whom they could count on to bring in crowds and listeners. It became less about the music and more about the number of followers you had. Even music shows like “American Idol” seek to “pre-vet” artists by having them on the show to establish a fan base BEFORE offering them a record deal.

To help local bands have a shot at competing within this new music industry business model, Pressman started Late Nite Music Club in 2015 to support local musicians in his hometown of Los Angeles and give them a chance to work together to create a fan base and a support system to help them further build that fan base. As of May 2016 LNMC has featured over 50 independent bands and musicians from all over the world (Australia, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Cuba, Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, Russia, and across the United States). This is with NO marketing experience, NO agents, and NO managers. They’ve solely relied on music fans and a grassroots movement started in part by the bands themselves who have been featured on the show. These bands at the least were able to get professional music videos made (all by Pressman and his team), and some have had huge increases in their fan bases by being able to share their fans with the other bands. But according to Presman, for the bands, it’s not about the fame,

“Most of these amazing musicians we’ve met don’t need fame and fortune, they just want to be able to make money doing what they love, which is playing music, and we wanted to find a way to help them do that.”

After the first year, Ryan and his team want to do even more, and that’s what their Kickstarter is all about. Michael Sorensen started working with Late Nite Music Club in 2015 and he sees this as something that could really grow into something spectacular, “Assuming our Kickstarter and this second season of the show goes as well as we think it can; our next step could be making this an “American Idol” or “The Voice”; except for new up-and-coming bands who have amazing talent and a great sound but just need to be heard by a mainstream audience”.

Surprisingly, the amount they’re asking for in their first Kickstarter is relatively modest, just under $20,000. This is because they aren’t looking to take advantage of music lovers or their fans, they just need enough money to keep the lights on and keep the show going for another year. Some of the Kickstarter awards are quite impressive too; and include full photo shoots with professional photographer Duke Shoman who not only directs the show but has worked with everyone in the industry from members of NSYNC to Carmen Electra and even Arnold Schwarzenegger!

“The goal of Late Nite Music Club was never to capitalize on the bands, but to provide them with as much help and as many resources as we can make available to them. I’m happy to give my services away for free in order to help the Kickstarter campaign and keep this show running.”

If you’re interested in supporting Late Nite Music Club and helping them do even more for independent musicians, check out their Kickstarter Page Here and see some of the other great awards they have listed!

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