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Let’s “Rave The Planet” Thanks To A*S*Y*S And Kai Tracid



Heavyweight producers within the Acid Techno scene A*S*Y*S and Kai Tracid were chosen to create the anthem of the new Berlin-based parade “Rave The Planet,which took place last July. All this work is intended to revive the Loveparade tradition.

Obviously, this is how peace, love, unity, and respect should sound. Fortunately, these electronic music legends from Germany make it possible.

These festivals are great as they show you that there are still wonderful people out there. That being said, instead of wars and conflicts, our planet needs more ravers in the streets.

Kai Tracid

If I’m not mistaken, I believe this year’s event drew up 100,000 participants. No doubt, these celebrations are fun and fun things make life worth living.

On a side note, “Rave The Planet” is also the name of the non-profit organization behind this large project alongside Dr. Moth (Loveparade founder). Their main goal is to protect Techno culture as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. If interested in supporting their excellent work you can leave a generous contribution via their official website.



By Erick Ycaza

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