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Lil Nas X Sends Christofascists Into Meltdown With “J CHRIST” Video



Lil Nas X is out here living his truth again and, predictably, Christofascists just ain’t having it. For those unaware, “Christofascists” refer to a segment of far-right extremists who try to impose their lunatic interpretation of Christianity upon others through oppressive and intolerant means.

Of course, angering Christofascists is nothing new for Lil Nas. His 2021 debut ‘MONTERO’ was filled with sinful serpentine imagery that outraged all the bigots.

Biblical Themes Reloaded In Must-See Video

His latest music video is a wild ride from start to finish. You’re treated to celebrity lookalikes parading to heaven, a glimpse of Lil Nas dragging demons around in hell, and a climactic basketball showdown between our protagonist and Satan himself.

It wraps on an even more surreal note with Lil Nas sailing Noah’s ark through an apocalyptic flood. Only he could take such hallowed scripture and transform it into a spectacle so spectacularly blasphemous.

In short, this super cool clip sees him diving headfirst back into biblical themes, though with his signature provocative Lil Nas X twist that’s sure to get tongues wagging.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X Redefines Spirituality

The best part is the lyrics, which evoke a feeling of self-assurance and triumph, with the artist proudly owning their achievements, displaying uncompromising courage, and prepared for whatever may come next.


With “J. CHRIST,” he’s sure to invoke and wake up silly conspiracies like it’s early 2010s again. But to Lil Nas X and his legion of fans these tactics are just drab persuasions emanating from an overly zealous religious fringe.

Definitely, we need more artists like him who defend diversity, inclusion, and the freedom to envision spirituality differently. He’s doing nothing more than reclaiming faith on his own terms.



By Erick Ycaza

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