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Ltd. Noise Re-Release 2001’s Experimental Electronic Jazz Album



experimental electronic jazz
Ltd. Noise
was the result of a collaboration that happened around the year 2000. Ped Gill and Paul Fishman had known each other for a while through a mutual friend and connections with Sarm. Having achieved commercial success with their former groups Re-Flex and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, they wanted to do something completely removed from their past. Sharing a passion for electronic sound and discovering new ways to use it, resulted in acquiring a vintage EMS VCS3 synthesizer, which Fishman had used when he first got involved with performing and recording electronic music. In many ways a unique and special device that soon became a fundamental component, as Fishman succinctly puts it: “…the beast could now be tamed, synchronized and sampled.”

Another ingredient was the influence of what might be described as a hybrid form of Jazz. Fishman explains “This was not planned, nothing was but around the time I’d been revisiting some records by musicians who I hadn’t sufficiently investigated or understood when I first heard them, and among these were Stockhausen, Edgar Varese and Miles Davis. All had experimented, were willing to take risks and leap into the unknown, something we were attempting to do.”

Somebody once described a new unused reel of recording tape as similar to a blank canvas. Depending on what was added, it could be anything, with the only limitation being the size of the canvas or the length of the tape. When painting with abstract noise in a musical environment where there are no rules, form, or structure required, anything is possible. This was complete musical freedom for Fishman and Gill. As Fishman explains; “The only decision we made was for each piece to be “about 8 minutes” but what happened during that time was completely unknown.”

‘About 8 Minutes Or More’ was originally released by an independent German label, where for many years it remained in the depths of obscurity. Now this album is re-released and fully remastered in all its glory, along with an epic additional track “The New Testament.

For fans of Experimental, rule-defying, imaginative music with no structure or limits: this album is a total ‘must-have.’

About 8 Minutes Or More




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