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Luca Draccar Details Upcoming EP ‘No Sometimes Yes’ In Interview



Luca Draccar Interview
‘No Sometimes Yes’ is the upcoming EP from Berlin-based producer, Luca Draccar. Be sure to mark your calendars on January 17th, 2020 if you want to dive into electronic soundscapes. Not for nothing, the stunning snippets made it clear this material was designed to keep the underground scene renewed. Learn more below.

1 – What’s the best thing about your upcoming EP ‘No Sometimes Yes’?

The obsessive flavour research of new sounds and compositional metrics. It’s like breaking the rules by respecting them. I am very enthused having in mind the principles, more than fracture the discipline: conversing with them, seeking the happiness, finding the areas of tangency, rather than those of “divergence”. The arrangement is the metric issue: I basically need a story to be told. Like a movie, it needs to thrill me. The rest as always: DDD > Deep / Delirious / Dark or let’s say: DDDD > Deep / Delirious / Dark / DRACCAR.

2 – In your opinion, is this a club or festival material?

Club or Festival: Both.
Definition: Everywhere.
Compromise: Anywhere.
Genre: Electronic.
Example: No Sky.

The song sounds wide such as a big location, even if it brings parallel you back to the heavy low. To the compressed crushed basement.

3 – What’s your inspiration behind this project?

I wanted to make a record of incoherence. “Bipolarity” and contradiction as balance. That’s why I started thinking about a name project like: ‘NO SOMETIMES YES’. Create something from nothing, being coherence could have been the rational nightmare. Consequently, some arbitrariness of choices regime backs the necessary balance.

Luca Draccar music
4 – I know this EP will feature a total of 4 tracks, which one is your favorite?

“Blackout”… ( someone already says “Knives Out” ) It’s a nervous stripped wicked dark funk. I could never be tired of evolving that story, even if for reasonable compromises I had to stop it at 11:54 min. Which frankly already goes beyond the established equitable time limit.

5 – Can you tell us more about software, instruments or tools that were used at the studio?

I think there is nothing more or less than anything else/somewhere else. Doing what that stuff does. But my special tool is fantasy, is the ocean, the dizziness: and I concentrate my self on this transformation. Software can do it. I don’t pay particular attention to technique, it’s not driving for me. Maybe is disturbing. Although by contradiction I am interested in improving the technicalities, every day. I find Ableton Live such a blast. Bringing together many different styles of mind setting, producers with opposite approaches. I have a liking for Logic, it has a special navigation layout. About instruments I pretty go mad for everything, starting from guitars ending with sequences. I am addicted to bass, I love drumming, and I excited by everything scratching around me. And I am stuck on silence. Such an incredible instrument.

6 – What do you think is the biggest challenge that underground Techno artists face these days?

These days I think you simply have to live your choices with sincerity and spontaneity. They will take you where you need to go. I don’t believe in definitions, because everything simply changes, everything is in motion. Fast movements, slow movements.

upcoming ep no sometimes yes
The challenge may be to go back to the truth. (don’t we live in the reality era?) Or maybe challenge the truth is the new frontier of the modern lie? Underground Techno artists should absolutely break the rules of underground Techno.

7 – What would you like to see happen to change this?

To change itself. To land far away, and be surprised.

8 – What keeps you motivated to produce Techno?

I am not quite sure about definitions. More likely I dialogue with crossover, there are a lot of different musical flavour and influences that dominate my needs. At the same time, there is the desire to get as far as possible in terms of sound and related connected sensations, but then you have to operate vertically to the park of directly available possibilities. This is great. Joining dreams with mere “banal” reality.

9 – Have you ever considered experimenting with new music styles or vocals?

Definitely. I am already working on it, and gonna have great surprises in terms of vocals. As for new musical genres, it is more a necessity than a desire.

10 – Finally, what three songs can you play in your DJ sets forever?

Hard to say… Can I mention my own tracks? 🙂

If not … I can randomly say:

Technasia – No Fear (Kama Sutra Lovers Remix)
Sinisa Tamamovic – Broken Machine
Alberto Dimeo – You know this

Sounds around the globe inspire me, but I have the priority to melt them in my pot. And if I can’t do it in terms of live set, using my tracks, as a DJ set the connections are tight and fast. And if it’s slow and repetitive then could be more rapid and fleet than the fast one.



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