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Luci Writes One Of The Best Lesbian Anthems, Listen To “girlfriend”



Luci just delivered something special, one of today’s best lesbian anthems. This Pop gem called “girlfriend has been a fave of mine since it dropped, thanks to her wistful vocals and irresistible melody. Not to mention, the music video takes things to the next level…

The visuals will transport you inside Luci’s kaleidoscopic mindscape as she ponders the complexities of wanting – or not wanting – commitment. Besides that, this clip features the renowned LGBTQ influencer Alissa Butt.

Additionally, the lyrics talk about the push and pull many LGBTQ folks feel regarding intimacy vs independence. In other words, this composition has a dose of reality, where many of us find it challenging to make a decision.

lesbian anthems
Of course, “girlfriend” isn’t just a catchy sing-along; it’s a Pop masterpiece and one of the best lesbian anthems of 2023. Indeed, it takes you on a dreamy journey into the mind of the singer.

So, if you’re into fresh music that’s not just about the beats but also about the stories it tells and the emotions behind them, then I can guarantee “girlfriend” is your jam. Luci has given us a musical rollercoaster that’s 100% relatable.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!



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