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Magnetie Interview 2014




She’s sexy, talented, fun and charismatic. Read our brand new interview with DJ Magnetie, who is a popular producer that makes electronic dance music, and YES she’s a woman!

1 – How did you come up with your artist name?

This one is a common question and love sharing it each time. Well, one night I went to a Peruvian party where they had “Hora Loca” and this includes lots and tons of confetti and balloons, the next morning my alarm wakes me up with radio playing ‘Control Machete’ a Mexican hip-hop band and you may recognized them from the Levis commercial next went to the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and noticed my hair full of confetti, was hungry and the only thing I had in my fridge was spaghetti leftovers from the night before so had spaghetti for breakfast. I have a few cute looking magnets on my fridge and was playing with one in my hand, don’t know why but kept messing with it. Days before this I was checking out a book written in latin where I learned a few new words and one was ‘mangas’ latin word for great man with an attraction to power and in english this is Magnate. So, Machete, Confetti, Spaghetti, Magnet, Magnate and my brain came up with Magnetie and here I am 🙂

2 – Describe your music in one sentence.

I like many genres so my music is never the same.

3 – In a predominantly male driven scene, Was it ever an issue for you in terms of how you would be received as an artist?

In the DJ world I don’t see the boys as boys nor the girls as girls, I just see us as DJs. Never had an issue and hope I don’t because at the end it’s not about if is a male or female but what we deliver and the fans are the judges.

4 – Who do you admire the most in the DJ world? Why?

You got me on this one because I don’t have favorite, I would need a second page to start naming them all.

5 – When you are on tour, How do you find time to listen to new music or even produce?

I somehow always find time to listen to new music, that is never an issue. I don’t produce when I tour, there’s too much outside noise and distractions, maybe if something comes to my head then I’ll just get my laptop out and get the basic idea down so I don’t forget later. But I’m not in a plane everyday, sometimes there are few months en between tours which is enough time to go full-time making tunes, even over-time I’d say, thinking it’s 10pm when it’s already 4am and I’m still in the studio trying to figure out if I should filter this out a little more or not. This happens quite often and this is where the name of my record label come from INSOMNIFIED

6 – Are you planning to tour this year? Where?

Yes, in a few days heading to Santiago Chile to play at the W Hotel with Cosmic Gate and Sebastien Leger this Saturday June 14. Later this summer stopping by Peru, Chile again, Argentina and Japan in fall. I will post these dates as we get closer to the events in my facebook and twitter so don’t forget to follow me 🙂

7 – What does Magnetie do to relax when she isn’t on a plane?

I love full body massages and a bit addicted to those actually so sped a lot of time in the spa when I need to do some serious relaxation 😉

8 – Do you prefer to work with female singers than with men?

Both, currently working with a male singer on a new track but more of this later this summer 😉

9 – Do you already have a name for the next single after “GIRL”?

Yes, but I would like to keep that private till the day of release if you don’t mind 😉

10 – What can we expect this year from your own record label INSOMNIFIED?

Monthly releases mostly peaktime house tracks.

Stream in full Magnetie’s Progressive House hit “Girl” below.


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