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Man Hobbies – In The Great Outdoors



Man Hobbies – In The Great Outdoors
No hobbies these days exclusively belong to men or women. However, there are certain activities that have a massive man-based following and a large number of them involve the Great Outdoors. Certainly, these hobbies are also often enjoyed by women and men also love indoor hobbies. That said, the activities on this list have been disproportionately enjoyed by men throughout centuries. It is only more recently in history that women have started getting into them.

These man hobbies have changed shape and forms over the centuries, decades and over recent years. New trends and technologies have played tremendous roles in their evolution. These days, the latest mobile gadgets, lightweight fabrics and special gear have made these hobbies accessible to even the most citified of urban dwellers.

  • Camping and backpacking – Whether you live in a city or a rural environment, sometimes having a solid roof over your head is just too cushy. Getting back to nature with an on-foot trek with supplies on your back until you finally set up a tent or sleep right under the stars can be a fully recharging experience. Breathing fresh air and unplugging from every wall socket (okay, admittedly, you should likely bring a mobile power bank) is both economical and fun way to relax. You’ll reconnect with your buddies or family while you unplug and remember what the real world looks like.
  • Fishing – The ultimate in calming activities, you can go as basic or as complex as you want with this sport. You can grab a basic rod and line at the hardware store and pick up a can of worms as bait, or you can invest thousands of dollars in equipment and detection systems. It all depends on the level of complexity you want to bring to the experience. In its simplest form, you won’t have to spend much on a decent pole and reel and bait doesn’t cost more than a cup of coffee. Just don’t forget to pick up your fishing license. It’s not expensive, but it’s required in every state in the country.
  • Rock climbing and bouldering – If you’re looking for a unique challenge while you’re out hiking or camping, then rock climbing and bouldering might be for you. There are some specific pieces of equipment you’ll require, but it’s easy to start small and work your way up as you develop more skills and decide specifically which types of climb you enjoy the most. Bringing a smartphone and backup power bank are very important tools to have with you while you’re enjoying this sport; just in case.
  • Adventure racing – These races have exploded in popularity as new and exciting challenges have been sought within a specific atmosphere and environment. There are half-day and full-day races that can involve everything from military-style obstacle courses to 10 mile hikes, river kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and old-school orienteering as checkpoints are discovered exclusively through the use of a compass and map, just like you did when you were a boy scout.

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