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Marst, A Newcomer Of The French Techno Scene



I invite you to discover Marst, a newcomer of the French Techno scene, with his melodic electronic music, supported by Laurent Garnier and played by a lot of international Dj’s!
« My aim is to be in osmose with the public, to make it listen to my music with its body and its soul, to make it see my music as well as hear it. If I manage to share my emotions that way, I’ll feel I live one hundred per cent. »
Marst -106 Club, October 2009 Martial Thebault, known as Marst, was born on February 6th, 1988 at Blanc-Mesnil in the subburbs of Paris, France. From his early youth, all his main interests were related to music. At the age of 4, he joins a drums class. He will enjoy playing this instrument for years and will obtain a few diplomas at the Agostini school. Meanwhile he is self-taught in playing a few other instruments like the piano/keyboard, the guitar and the bass.
Enjoying verses and rhymes, the worlds of Gainsbourg, Pink Floyd or Chopin, Marst becomes as a teenager the leader of a French pop-rock band as a writer, composer and singerand wins a few contests. He also receives a money grant from the « Région Haute-Normandie » and takes up a challenge : to achieve the production of an EP on his own.
The use of computer music has always been present in his artistic evolution. Along acoustical instruments, he gets to own at a very young age an Atari, an old Karz wavestation, a sampler and an expander, ultimate presents from a musician older cousin. That is how Marst starts to explore the psychedelic world of the machines in the late nineties.
He tinkers about, discovers and plays sampling sounds and makes music arrangements for a very long time. The Cd-roms in magazines and the demonstration software leads him little by little to make his first synthetic tries.
In 2005, Marst breaks his money box to buy more professional material. His musical knowledge, influenced by rock but also electronic sounds from Detroit, Chicago, New York or Berlin, makes him discover Laurent Garnier who will soon become his real source of inspiration. Later on, he will focus on electronic music and the composition of tracks with powerful house and techno rhythms, always melodious, according to pure musical philosophy and respect of harmony.
Thanks to the purchase of his first turntables in 2006, he can see his acoustic projects take form electronically through mixing. His carreer then gets a start, he becomes a resident at the Shari Vari in Rouen, plays in most of the bars in this city where unfortunately there are not electronic music clubs anymore. He is spotted and plays in the first part of Vitalic’s concert at the 106, a concert hall for contemporary music. The audience appreciates, other cities then open their doors : Paris, Poitiers, Caen…
June 2011 : he decides to set aside the DJ sets to get involved in production more seriously. Early July : he puts one of his composition on the internet Sun on the Moon, a title of powerful techno melody, supported by an overwhelming saxophone riff… And to his great surprise, there was an immediate positive reaction : more and more people listen and share on the social networks, many give their support : Madben, the Sonic Crew (Astropolis Festival), Agoria, Seth Troxler, Nuno Dos Santos, Ian O’Donovan… He gets invited to parties and festivals.
Then comes the second important event in his life : the side B , Waterlight, of his first maxi is put on the internet and this time he gets the full support of Laurent Garnier who plays his music in his weekly radio programme It is what it is (le Mouv’ / Pure FM / Couleur 3) and who keeps playing it everywhere around the world, at nearly all his performances (Time Warp, Nuits Sonores, Berghain & Panorama Bar, Londres, New York…). He even comes to compare it with his famous Crispy Bacon, a real honor for Marst!
Sun on the Moon EP is released in March 2012 on Deep Movements, a new French label. From then on, Marst receives requests for productions and remixes…
He has since released and will release original tracks and remixes on the following labels: Timid Records, Aegyptia Recordings, A-Traction, Espai Music, Stripped Off …

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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