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How to Choose Your DJ Name?



How to Choose Your DJ Name?

1. Try your own name
You may have a really cool name, or at least an OK one. I have an OK one (“Erick Antoine”) and I stuck with it, but you may be really lucky and have a great “real” name.

2. Try a variation on your name
Keep it personal, but alter something. Change your surname or first name. Use your middle name and last name instead of first and last. You get instant “ownership” over such a name, as it is similar to your real name, but you have the luxury of changing it to make it more cool/unique/memorable.
3. Use your nickname
The hard work’s been done here. Your school friends have tried and tested names for you, and one stuck. Obviously if you were called “spekky twat” or worse at school, then try to avoid this funny, but cruel nicknames.
4. Make sure it’s “radio friendly”
If someone can’t write down your name easily having been told it in person, over the phone, or on the radio, it’s not too good. You’ll get misspellings of it or just complete miscomprehension, when people see it written down and don’t connect with what they’ve heard verbally.
5. Be sure your name is not taken
UK DJ/production duo the Chemical Brothers were originally called The Dust Brothers. But when US band The Dust Brothers caught wind, legal flurrying led to “The Chemicals” (as they’re often called) changing their name. No need if they’d only have done a bit of research first. So do yours!

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